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Martin suggests Gaddafi is dead, because he's reading the script for next season. Kendra suggests a "foreign attack" as if Obama would wait an hour and a half after it happened to announce it and they wouldn't have heard anything else about it before. Come on. But MacKenzie thinks they should explore it by talking to their connection at NORAD who does the Santa Tracker story every Christmas. MacKenzie thinks that's better than "doing nothing." I'm not so sure. And then MacKenzie gets really stupid and asks for suggestions that are "way, way outside the box" and Neal can no longer keep silent. It takes him long enough to get there, but he finally sort of suggests that the President is going to announce that there are aliens. "Come back in the box," MacKenzie orders. I don't know; why not aliens? Maybe they found evidence of life on Mars, like a tiny little bacteria thing. Maggie's out of the box guess is even worse than Neal's: that Obama's U.S. birth certificate was proven to be false. At this point, MacKenzie finally realizes that Will isn't there yet. Nor are Elliot, Don, or Dr. Dr. Sloan.

MacKenzie dismisses everyone. Charlie asks her why she can't just wait for Obama to tell everyone what's going on. Uh... because that's what their job is? How does he not know this? Does he really run a news channel with that kind of nonsense? Then again, MacKenzie's answer isn't much better. "America thinks bin Laden's alive" (actually, no, I had assumed the guy was long dead at that point) "if I can make him dead one minute sooner, my entire life in journalism up until this point will have been worth it." Uh, no. Your entire life in journalism is worth it if you can break a story about an assistant coach who sexually abused children and the university that let him get away with it for years, and tell the world about it and stop him from doing it again. That kind of thing. When information actually helps people in some way as opposed to just putting a useless "I reported it first!" feather in your cap.

Elliot reports that it looks like Obama will be making his announcement from the East Room. Don reports the news to MacKenzie, adding that this means he has good news, as bad news is always delivered from the Oval Office or the briefing room. MacKenzie thanks Don for that and then asks if it's at all possible that Obama is announcing first contact with aliens. "Keep it together, would you?" Don snaps.

He hangs up on MacKenzie and sees that his nemesis, Bernice, has left her post to go to the bathroom. Oh, I see how it is. Bernice can stand up and move around all she wants, but not anyone else. Bernice gets to go to the bathroom, but Don isn't even allowed to unbuckle his seatbelt. That's a little bit hypocritical, don't you think? Don takes advantage of the lack of Bernice to unbuckle and get up to talk to Dr. Dr. Sloan. But Lester would rather discuss his chances with Dr. Dr. Sloan and if she's dating Don. "I'm not the type of guy who likes to play games," he says. Dr. Dr. Sloan's neighbor reminds everyone that Don is dating Maggie. Dr. Dr. Sloan's assignment is to find a way to legally escape the plane. It looks like she can circulate a petition for the other passengers to sign, but they probably don't have the time for that. Dr. Dr. Sloan says they can also shout unpopular political views or wear revealing clothing. Don orders Dr. Dr. Sloan to undress for this. Lester supports this. "I'm gonna lose my shit on you," Don tells him.

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