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With that, the plane lurches forward and Don falls down. Bernice exits the bathroom and wanders around the cabin (which she's allowed to do and no one else is) and sees Don sprawled on the aisle. Bernice I told you so's him. Don says the worst thing that could have possibly happened to him if he stood up did just happen, and he's clearly fine. I don't understand why the entire plane isn't laughing at Don's obnoxious face flying into the carpet. And then the plane rolls forward all of ten feet before stopping again. The captain gets back on the PA to tell the cabin that they'll have to wait a few more minutes. Don screams that he is willing to get out and push the plane to the gate himself. "Maggie's a lucky girl," Bernice says. HA! Bernice rules.

Neal tells Lisa and Kaylee that they know the announcement is not a North Korean missile or a biological weapon attack. I'm sorry, but why? We all know what Obama's address is going to be about. There is no suspense here. How much better would this episode have been if we didn't know? Even Lisa knows bin Laden is dead at this point and Maggie thinks she's stupid. She asks Neal why the place isn't "more chaotic." Neal says they have monthly breaking news drills. That's ridiculous. Please tell me that is not a real thing in newsrooms.

Will somehow makes it into the office. He also managed to buy a falafel on his way to work, which is impressive given his current state. Neal informs Will that Obama's address was pushed back to 10:45 just to give us that much more time to know what he's going to say already. Will wonders why no one seems to know how to spell "Gaddafi." He also says he spoke to NATO and therefore knows the address will not be about Gaddafi, just in case Neal thought he wasn't able to do his job while wasted.

"You can't imagine how important this night is," Will says to Kaylee, who kisses him on the cheek like that's appropriate. She urges him to drink as much water as possible. Will heads into his office.

ACN's D.C. bureau does MacKenzie's job for her. The anchor informs MacKenzie that they just saw that Keith Urbahn tweeted that bin Laden is dead. MacKenzie says she already saw the tweet, but that they will not be reporting it. The anchor does not understand. MacKenzie says they need double confirmation and a tweet doesn't even count as one confirmation. The anchor -- named Jane, of course -- doesn't understand why she can't just report that Urbahn tweeted that without saying whether or not what he said was true. Why not? Because MacKenzie is the best EP ever, Jane. Duh. MacKenzie leaves the control room to tend to Will and all Jane can do is make snippy comments.

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