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It's February 10, 2011, and Elliot is taking some time off from whatever his crappy 10 o'clock show is called to report from Egypt for NewsNight as the Tahrir Square protests go on. Unfortunately, Elliot is useless, as his crew has been threatened away from filming and he is sitting in an "undisclosed location" because it's not safe to go outside. Instead, they have to watch feed from Al Jazeera from six hours ago.

The control room is in its usual chaos, since MacKenzie is there. Don is there, too, totally disgusted with Elliot for reporting from his hotel room. Elliot runs off to see what's going on outside when he hears gunshots, leaving Will talking to an empty room. Don is furious. Elliot runs back in and says there was gunfire, but he can't see what's going on. He tries to describe the scene for Will just as Maggie runs into the control room, whipping open the glass door and nailing Jim in the face. Jim holds his head and wonders why Maggie didn't see him standing there, what with the door being transparent and all. "Be quiet, there's a news story!" Maggie says bitchily. I hate her so much, you guys. She is just an awful, unredeemable character. Anyway, she thinks a bunch of teachers protesting in Wisconsin is more important than the Egyptian government being overthrown. Jim, Maggie, and Don all talk at MacKenzie at the same time. She just nods and looks like she's about to cry (as usual) before sending Jim and Maggie off with a, "Yep. Go." Some might say that this proves how good MacKenzie is under pressure and when juggling several things at once. I just think it proves that if you say, "Yep. Go," at people, things will get done and no one will ever know you weren't paying attention.

Jim and Maggie run into the edit bay. There is one editor and two packages that have to be cut together. So Jim just asks the editor if he can break union rules and edit his package while she works on Maggie's. The editor asks if he will hire another, clearly-needed editor in exchange. Jim says he can't promise anything. The editor grants his request. I'm sorry, but she is never going to get another editor if she keeps letting non-editors edit! Why would ACN spend money on another editor when the only time it seems to need him, the senior producer can just sit down and do his job instead?

The editor puts together all of two clips and hits "render." But it's taking too long or something, so Maggie has to dump the clip on a thumbdrive and run it to the control room.

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