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Jim asks Neal for Valentine's Day card writing advice, but Neal's not in the mood -- Kahlid is missing. Well, I think we all knew that was going to happen. But Neal isn't too worried that he can't jump to his feet and cheer madly when Elliot enters the room, looking beaten up but happy not to be in Egypt anymore. Elliot gets a standing ovation. His wife thanks everyone for all of the concern and also, apparently, strippers. Don wants to bring Elliot to Charlie's office, but Neal stops him to talk to Elliot directly, like those two have ever had a conversation before. He says he can't find Kahlid. Don says Kahlid has a satellite phone, so Neal should be able to find Kahlid using its GPS. With that, they head to Charlie's office. A stripper walks in. "We did this already," someone tells her. Even the strippers on this show aren't good at their jobs. Women can't do anything right!

Charlie can't hug Elliot because of his broken ribs, so he settles for shaking his hand and kissing him on the cheek. "Don't ever fucking do that again," he slurs. Don says he wants Elliot to return to work tonight. Charlie thinks that's a bad idea, since Elliot looks like crap right now. Don thinks it's important for people to see that. Elliot seems like he'd be fine taking a week off to recover from the injuries and possible PTSD. "This is a great reporter who got us a great story," Don says. Elliot points out that he didn't get a story so much as he got beaten up. True, but he still did more to get that than Jim did to get the oil rig story. Charlie insists that Elliot not go on the air. Don is mad at everyone.

Gary Cooper calls Will into Will's office to tell him that the morning show female anchor feels terrible about what her co-star said about Will, and that it was just because the daytime staff think the primetime staff think they're better than them. I wonder what could have given them that idea? Also, don't think you're so special, daytime crew -- the primetime staff thinks it's better than everyone and everything, not just you. Gary Cooper says he has something else to tell Will: that Nina is going to run another piece in TMI, this time about how MacKenzie almost got her entire crew killed in Pakistan. Best EP in the business. Will writes down Nina's phone number as Jim comes in to say they're ready in the conference room. He also tells Gary Cooper to tell his friends on the daytime side that they can ask Jim about MacKenzie's ethics. And Jim couldn't have told Gary Cooper that before? He had to do it in Will's office in front of Will like that? Kiss ass.

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