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Jim mentions that he had a few stitches put in his head wound as Will rips a Valentine's Day heart decoration in half. Wow, they really went all-out decorating that office for a stupid holiday, huh? Charlie doesn't have anything else to do, so he sits in on the meeting, where Jim announces that yes, the Koch brothers are tied to the governor of Wisconsin in several ways. And they have footage of one of the Kochs being asked about Citizens United and pretending not to know what it is. Everyone smiles smugly at this find, and Jim says that two Supreme Court justices are friendly with the Kochs and Clarence Thomas's wife was paid nearly $700,000 through a foundation that was set up by the Kochs and Thomas never disclosed that money on his financial disclosure form. Also, the two justices with ties to the Kochs -- Scalia and Thomas -- didn't recuse themselves from the Citizens United case, ultimately casting two votes in Citizens United's favor. With the Supreme Court decision that allowed PACs to form, the Kochs could give lots of money to certain candidates. So could unions, which is why the Kochs are working with the governor of Wisconsin to destroy them, Will thinks. Yeah, or the governor of Wisconsin wants to balance his budget somehow and thinks cutting public sector salaries is the best way to do it because he's an asshole. Sometimes the best explanation is the simplest one.

Neal interrupts to announce that Kahlid is gone -- his satellite phone has no signal, meaning it's either been destroyed or it's too far underground to detect. "He's been taken!" Neal says. Charlie mobilizes everyone into action to try to figure out where Kahlid is. Don says he doesn't have much hope for his Egyptian contacts, what with their government just being dissolved and all. Neal gets angry about this, but Don assures him that they will not lose Kahlid. Kahlid is already dead. Sorry, but it's true. Elliot, who is still at work for some reason, says he has contacts in the Egyptian army. Clearly they are close contacts, what with how they protected him from the rest of the citizens. With everyone working on helping Kahlid, Neal has nothing to do but watch Martin's monitor, where Rush Limbaugh is basically laughing at reporters who have been attacked by Egyptian protestors. Kind of weird that Martin is watching this now when Limbaugh said it a week and a half ago, but it does make for an exciting moment when Neal punches the monitor hard enough to break his fingers. Jim pulls him away. So now we've got a head wound, whatever Elliot's got, and Neal's broken fingers. I think I'm seeing a trend.

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