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Don, MacKenzie, and Will head to Charlie's office. Charlie tells him that corporate won't intervene on Kahlid's behalf because he's a freelancer. Don says they'll have to go to Reese. They do. Reese's assistant tells Don that Reese isn't in. "I think he is, Roberta," Don says. Nice modern name there, Roberta. Don bangs on Reese's door and screams at him to open up. Then he tries to force it open by diving into it with his shoulder. This hurts. Add Don to the disabled list.

The newsroom is alive with people on phones trying to track Kahlid down. Don, his arm now in a sling, threatens to put someone's head through a pyramid. Will calls him into his office. "Donny," he starts. Don cuts him off and says he was the one who sent Elliot into Tahrir Square. Well, duh. I think we all knew that. Will certainly did. "We're all jealous. We wish it was us with the bruises on our faces," Will says. Apparently they do, since they've spent this entire episode trying to get their own bruises. Also, no, they don't wish they got beaten up. That's not a badge of honor that says you're an awesome reporter. That's something painful and upsetting. Does everyone wish he was Lara Logan? This show is disgusting.

Elliot announces that he found Kahlid. The army captured him and are willing to let him go for $250,000, wired to some charity. Elliot makes a few calls to make sure the army thing checks out while Will says he'll talk to corporate about getting the money. This gives Don a chance to apologize to Elliot very sincerely because he is one the best characters on this show. Elliot forgives him.

Will goes on the air and tells everyone that teachers are good and Wisconsin governors are bad. In the control room, Jim informs MacKenzie that Wade just showed up and he's refusing to leave until MacKenzie sees him. Um, aren't they in a private building? MacKenzie can just have security remove him. Or not let him in in the first place. Actually, do they even have security in that building? People seem to just come and go as they please. MacKenzie tells Jim to send Wade to the terrace. Jim points out that it's ten degrees outside. MacKenzie is well aware. "You deserved a lot better," Jim tells her. Did she? Nothing I've seen from MacKenzie so far suggests that she deserves anything better.

MacKenzie finally meets with Wade. He has no idea why she's mad at him. MacKenzie is all business, asking Wade when he first met with the DCCC. Wade asks when MacKenzie was planning on telling him that she used to be with Will. "This was never gonna work, you and me. You wasted my time," he says; "so I got something out of it." I guess MacKenzie shouldn't have been so obvious in her disgust with being near Wade when Will was around. MacKenzie requests that Wade "in this order," leave, lose the election, and then go to hell. He would sort of have to do those things in that order. He couldn't really go to hell, lose the election, and then leave the AWM building.

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