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Will meets Nina in the only nightclub in town. They're in a back room so no one will see them together. Will apologizes to Nina for being rude to her at the party. Nina says that if Will thinks this is all because he rejected her, then he's an even bigger narcissist than she thought. Anyway, Nina is pretty damn sure that MacKenzie and Will were trying to help Wade out, so I guess she's not printing blatant lies about Will and his staff since she thinks they're true and she does present the facts. She knew what was going on with Wade before super-journalists Will and MacKenzie did. "I'm running a piece saying that you hired an incompetent EP because she was your girlfriend," Nina says. Once again, Nina gets the facts right! Just maybe not the conclusions she draws from them. She's still a better reporter than Will.

Then Nina says she's thinking of investing in a restaurant and needs silent partners. $50,000 should do it. Will takes out his checkbook. He's an idiot to trust her. Why should he? Is he going to tell on her if she goes back on her word and admit that he paid her off? "Hey, Will. We're journalists," Nina says. That was a mistake. He almost finished signing that check. Then she said that and now he can't help but jump up on his high horse and go off on Nina about how he's a real journalist and she isn't. He proves this by telling Nina that one guy on his staff got hit in the head with a glass door but refused to go to the doctor because another guy got beaten up in Cairo, and then a third guy ran into a door because he felt guilty about the second guy and a fourth guy hasn't slept in three days because he feels bad about sending a freelancer off to his death. Will forgets to add that the fourth guy punched a monitor. And: "I've got a grown woman who has to subtract with her fingers staying up all night trying to learn economics from a Ph.D. who could be making twenty times the money three miles downtown." These people, Will says, are journalists. Oh? Because they sound like idiots who cannot function in normal society to me. Nina, who gets plenty of information and writes stories people want to read without managing to injure herself, is not a journalist. Will tells Nina to come after him all she wants, but stay away from his staff or else he'll use his hour of primetime to ruin her life. So ... he'll do to Nina what Nina is doing to him? Nice job, journalist. He adds that if he finds out that Leona is involved in this, then he will ... uh ... eat them, I think he said? "I'm dead serious," says the face we all watched in Dumb and Dumber. All Nina has to say is "tough-ass speech. But you're not gonna win."

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