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Dr. Dr. Sloan again tries to teach MacKenzie about economics. "What happened to Will?" MacKenzie wonders. Dr. Dr. Sloan tries to get her to focus and talks about Glass-Steagall again. But then Roommate Lisa runs through the bullpen screaming Jim's name. Jim and Maggie, who are hanging out in MacKenzie's office to hear this thrilling economics lesson, suddenly realize that today is Valentine's Day (weird that Hang Chew's was looking so empty) and Jim stood Lisa up. Jim quickly ducks under MacKenzie's desk. "Get up!" Maggie orders. "Please don't make me!" Jim whines. And then slams the back of his head on the underside of MacKenzie's desk.

Jim and Maggie run out to the bullpen to try to calm Lisa down. Um ... how did Lisa get in, by the way? No security at this place. They'll just let some irate young lady into the office of their biggest, most highly-paid talent. No problem! "Where the fuck have you been?" Lisa greets Jim. She just spent an hour in restaurant alone waiting for him. She tried to call him but he didn't answer. She tried to call Maggie, but Maggie and Tess accidentally switched phones, so Tess got all the angry messages. Maggie's foolproof plan to mark their phones with nail polish to tell them apart to prevent this was foiled when they both put nail polish on their phones. Oh, women! They just can't use phones! Personally, I find that putting a sparkly unicorn sticker on my phone helps me distinguish it from all the other women's nail polish-covered phones every time!

Jim tries to make it up to Lisa by handing her the card he wrote. He lost the one Maggie gave him, so Maggie smacks him. Ugh, fire her. Lisa doesn't care. She says Jim is a jerk. Maggie says that Jim "did everything right here." Except for standing Lisa up. And not calling her. After screaming at Jim to shut up again (it's still not funny that she talks to him this way), Maggie tells Lisa that Jim is a "very decent guy." Lisa's not falling for it. Valentine's Day is her favorite day of the year. Maggie says this is every guy's least favorite day and it's "the bully of holidays." I guess Maggie would know, since she spent this entire day bullying everyone else. Maggie is the Valentine's Day of The Newsroom. Maggie says it's time to boycott Valentine's Day and screams for support just as Don walks in with a bouquet of roses. He quickly tosses them to Rodney Dangerfield and says he loves Maggie every day. I'm just so happy to see Rodney getting the love and presents he truly deserves. Maggie runs up and kisses Don and whisper-screams that she didn't mean any of that. Don points out that Lisa can hear her. Jim sincerely apologizes to Lisa, who informs him that she's wearing edible underwear. "Shut up!" Maggie screams. God, she's awful.

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