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Dr. Dr. Sloan is trying to compare economics to Jenga towers when Kendra informs MacKenzie that Will is finally back. "Let's do this!" MacKenzie says. She walks into Will's office and asks him where he just was. Will lies that he went out to buy gum. MacKenzie threatens to "beat [Will] senseless" if she finds out that he gave money to a gossip columnist to protect her. MacKenzie claims that she's "crafty" enough to get the upper hand on Will, but nothing we've seen in five episodes indicates that this is true. MacKenzie doesn't know much about protecting people, seeing as how she almost got her crew killed in Pakistan, I read in TMI. Anyway, threats of violence are even more hilarious on this show after Elliot got beaten senseless.

MacKenzie says that corporate wired the money to the army and Kahlid is home safe. Except she's pretty sure it wasn't corporate who paid up at all. Also, Bill Clinton repealed the Glass-Steagall Act. And Will was the one who paid for Kahlid's release out of his own pockets. As he told Nina earlier, he's a millionaire. He can give her $50,000 and he can give the Egyptian army $250,000, which I'm sure will go to a very good cause and not be used to buy weapons that kill more innocent people at all. "He's one of our guys," Will says of Kahlid.

MacKenzie opens the door. Neal walks in and hands Will a check, saying he wants to help. Will points out that Neal can't really afford to help. Neal insists. Maggie walks in and leaves a check on the desk. It says "Coach" in the memo line. So ... Will is the coach in the Rudy movie? Wasn't that guy a dick? I'm so confused. Gary Cooper leaves a check. So does Kendra. Will walks outside to see a line of staff holding checks to put on his desk. They all applaud him. So Elliot got a standing ovation for being on the wrong end of a rock and Will got it for having a shit-ton of money. Interesting. "Happy Valentine's Day," MacKenzie says. Yes, what a great Valentine's Day present! Checks from all the people who work from you and are paid so much less! I'm going to assume that Will didn't cash those checks, although it would be kind of funny if he did. Will and MacKenzie hug it out. Great. I'm so happy that they seem to have resolved their issues with each other. No, I really am, because it wasn't written very well and it would be great for everyone if their relationship could evolve into something slightly more mature and realistic. Neal Skypes with Kahlid, who is looking much more alive than I predicted, and everyone is happy.

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