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Meanwhile, Elliot doesn't have anything to add to NewsNight's coverage. MacKenzie tells Don there's nothing they can do about it; she won't send an American journalist into the Egyptian protests. Maggie runs in and tosses the thumbdrive to some guy, then stands in the doorway and does her victory dance before slamming it shut right in Jim's face. These guys are professionals.

Back in the newsroom, MacKenzie calls all producers into the meeting room. She spots Dr. Dr. Sloan trying to make her escape from ACN and asks her to wait around. "Sometimes you ask me to wait and then you forget that you did and then you call me from home at 11 o'clock and say 'sorry,'" Dr. Dr. Sloan says. MacKenzie doesn't seem to believe her. Dr. Dr. Sloan says it's happened twice. MacKenzie apparently doesn't remember it because she's an idiot and insensitive to other people. Dr. Dr. Sloan is a total pushover, so she agrees to wait for MacKenzie. Wade appears, and also agrees to wait for MacKenzie. He volunteers to come on NewsNight as an "Egyptologist" despite having no knowledge of Egypt. MacKenzie sends him to the terrible karaoke bar to wait for her instead. So now she has every producer waiting for her in the meeting room, Dr. Dr. Sloan waiting for her in the newsroom, and Wade waiting for her at Hang Chew's. She'll probably just go to her own office and forget about all of them.

Will and the rest of the NewsNight team wander in to watch MacKenzie try to subtract 17 from 30. Will tells them all that MacKenzie can't do simple math without having to use her fingers. MacKenzie denies this, but then has to use her fingers like a child. Everyone laughs at her. I wouldn't laugh. I'd have some serious questions if the EP who has already shown a total inability to do her job and know what news stories the general audience actually wants to see covered then revealed that she also sucked at math. MacKenzie tries to get back at Will by informing the group that he took tap dancing lessons when he was eleven. Sorry, but tap dancing lessons at age eleven is not as embarrassing as not being able to do math at age 40. Will informs the crowd that MacKenzie thought This Old House was about the same house every week. "That was reasonable," MacKenzie says. It's really not.

MacKenzie calls the meeting to order with a, "Let's get serious," then, "Will cries when he watches the movie Rudy. He cries like an onion." So now MacKenzie doesn't know how to do math, watch PBS, or apparently anything about vegetables. Will's staff defend him, saying everyone cries at the "jersey scene" in the movie. Jim can't say if that's true or not, as he's never seen the movie. Will asks what Jim was doing instead. "My homework," Jim says. "My homework!" Maggie imitates him. Everyone stares at her. Maggie admits that she thought she wouldn't be alone in making fun of her boss. And why shouldn't she openly make fun of her boss when she is somehow un-fireable? These things are no longer her fault, but the fault of everyone around her.

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