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Martin, Gary Cooper, and Will take turns recapping Rudy for all of us, culminating in the scene where Rudy is left off the roster of his last-ever Notre Dame game and his teammates each go to the coach's office and offer to give up his spot so Rudy can be on it. MacKenzie "jokes" that the players were all gay for Rudy. Then the conversation turns to Jim and how his forehead is bleeding. Maggie moves his hair aside to reveal a sizeable gash, then runs off to get the First Aid kit. Yeah, that's great. A First Aid kit when a trip to the ER is clearly called for.

MacKenzie has more important issues to talk about, however. Not more important than Will crying at man movies, but more important than Jim's health. She says they've been covering Egypt for 18 days now without getting a reporter on the ground. "It's too dangerous on the ground," says Jim, who probably would have fared better in the middle of Tahrir Square than he did in ACN's control room. Maggie runs back into the room with the First Aid kit, still throwing glass doors open, her lesson un-learned. MacKenzie says they'll have to hire a local. Neal knows just the person, thanks to his Internet connections. He'll have to wait, though, because Charlie knocks on the glass and calls MacKenzie and Will outside. While they wait for them to return, Maggie tries to clean Jim's wound. She assures him that she knows what she's doing because she "could've been a doctor" if she had just done to medical school. Instead, she got two accidental promotions into a job she's not qualified for and does poorly.

Will, MacKenzie, and Charlie head into Will's office, where he tells them that TMI has another story about NewsNight. This time, though, it's not about Will -- it's about MacKenzie. Turns out her boyfriend is planning to run for Congress. MacKenzie says she knew he was "thinking" about it. Charlie says he's had meetings with the DCCC. Delaware County Community College? What would they have to do with anything? Oh -- the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. That makes much more sense. The DCCC want Wade to run for Anthony Weiner's seat, should Weiner run for mayor of New York City or do something like, oh I don't know, tweet pictures of his junk to female followers and then have to resign. It turns out that NewsNight has had Wade on the show five times in the last six weeks, so now TMI is saying that MacKenzie is trying to get her boyfriend elected to congress. "He won't be on the show anymore," MacKenzie says, like that will fix it.

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