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Charlie pulls out a bunch of stats that basically say that between the TMI and Page Six mentions, a lot of people are reading about how horrible, unprofessional, and possibly unethical the NewsNight team is. Will says it only "looks" like NewsNight isn't totally ethical. Charlie yells that that's all that matters, which you'd think Will would know by now. Will says MacKenzie is "annoyingly ethical." Yeah, except that she knew Wade was at least considering the run for congress and put him on the show almost once a week so he could talk about ... what, exactly? He's an attorney. No one cares what he has to say unless it's somehow related to the Tea Party, and then only Will cares.

Charlie leaves, and Will stops defending MacKenzie to ask her how she didn't know what Wade was doing. "He never told me!" MacKenzie says. Nice observation skills, journalist. "He used me," MacKenzie says. Will says that might not be true, and that Wade "seems like a good guy." Also, "nobody in his right mind would risk losing you." Yeah, why would anyone want to lose the prize that is MacKenzie, who shows her love by cheating on you with an ex-boyfriend?

Will and MacKenzie return to the meeting room. Neal tells Will about a guy he met on Twitter who goes by the name "Amen." How did he get that handle on Twitter? Must've been an early sign up. "It means 'the hidden one' in ancient Egyptian," Neal explains. Will says that's not enough for him to feel comfortable using a guy Will doesn't personally know. Neal says he knows Amen, who is "just like" Neal. How's that, Will asks. Neal says both of their fathers are mechanics and they're both the oldest son. MacKenzie starts to interrupt him, but Neal keeps going, saying that he doesn't have a college degree and Amen probably will never get one, either. And they both like the Internet.

And now it's time for Sorkin to exploit yet another tragedy for his own narrative purposes. It turns out that Neal was on one of the trains that was bombed in the 7/7 bombings in London. "What'd you see?" Will asks, because that's appropriate. Neal says he just saw smoke and people screaming, crying, and praying, and then a worker lead them to the station. He pulled out his cell phone to call his dad but there was no service, so he used it to take video, which he then sent to news stations. "He's Rudy!" Will says. "Not everything is Rudy!" MacKenzie says. Damn, Neal is trying to share this personal experience with everyone, only for Will to shit on it by comparing it to a movie about college football. Also, am I to understand that Neal got where he is (wherever he is ... I'm still not sure what "Will's official blogger" means) because he just happened to be on a train that got bombed and he took cell phone footage of it and gave it to news outlets? And that even though he was planning on being a mechanic like his father and didn't go to college, he somehow parlayed that into a job in America for the second-most popular cable news anchor? Also, why does he wear cardigans all the time? Anyway, he says Amen has the equipment and an Internet connection, unlike most of the rest of Egypt.

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