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Don interrupts to ask Will to fill in on the 10 o'clock show. Elliot can't, because I guess he was going to broadcast from his grainy feed in his hotel room but then he decided to go out on the street to report and got beaten up. Now he has broken ribs, a broken arm, and cuts and bruises on his face. "Get him home!" Charlie orders, like no one thought of that before. Don wants to call Elliot's wife. Charlie says he will. Don insists. Charlie gets mad. Will tells Charlie to let Don call the wife. "Right away, you say he's fine and he's on his way home," Charlie orders. He also suggests that Don not tell the wife that Elliot got hit with a rock. Don leaves. "What the hell was Elliot thinking?" Charlie wonders. "Get the story," Will says. Meanwhile, I don't see Will in Egypt. Clearly, Elliot is the superior reporter here.

MacKenzie doesn't seem at all upset about Elliot when she meets up with the patient Dr. Dr. Sloan. "What are you still doing here?" MacKenzie asks. Dr. Dr. Sloan only has herself to blame for this. MacKenzie remembers that she was the one who asked to meet with Dr. Dr. Sloan as they head into her office. MacKenzie says she's supposed to appear on a panel at the Paley Center about whether or not TV news can cover the economy. It turns out that NewsNight probably can't, since MacKenzie doesn't know anything about economics at all. She never studied it in school or bothered to read about it or report on it. Dr. Dr. Sloan is confused; MacKenzie has been producing five minutes of economic news every night on Will's show. "I just set aside a five-minute block and let you and Will go at it!" MacKenzie says with a wave of her hand. "I pretend to read what you give me and then I nod," she says; "I do not understand a word you're saying." Best EP in the business, guys.

When Dr. Dr. Sloan dares to look disapproving at MacKenzie's complete inability to be a functional adult, let alone EP of a nightly news show, MacKenzie manages to make it even worse with a, "Can we save the scolding, Thomas Friedman?" "Do you mean Paul Krugman?" Dr. Dr. Sloan asks. "Which one's the economist?" MacKenzie asks. "Paul Krugman," Dr. Dr. Sloan says. "Then that's who I meant," MacKenzie says. I'm sorry, but no. You cannot be an EP of a news show and not know who Thomas Friedman is. He's won three Pulitzers. He's a columnist, not an economist. The only thing he has in common with Krugman is that they're both 59 and they've written for The New York Times. Dr. Dr. Sloan just shakes her head and looks so sad. Dr. Dr. Sloan, just quit and go work someplace where people are not all idiots. Instead, she's going to tutor MacKenzie on economics so she won't completely embarrass herself on the panel that she knew she was going to be on months ago and did nothing to prepare for until just now. "How long did it take you to know what you know?" she asks, apparently thinking one can become a double-Ph.D. in economics in a few weeks. Dr. Dr. Sloan says it's more like about 15 years. The panel is on Tuesday. "Okay," Dr. Dr. Sloan says, even sadder than before as the reality of her situation becomes apparent. She offers to give MacKenzie three good things to write on her hand. "I want to know this!" MacKenzie says. Well, not really, since she's never bothered to know it before. "I think that a lot of what's going on in the world has to do with the economy," she says. "..." Dr. Dr. Sloan stares, then; "You may be onto something." MacKenzie just needs to stop talking. Every time I think she can't be any stupider, she is. Then again, she does have over 15 years of experience in knowing nothing.

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