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Dr. Dr. Sloan escapes MacKenzie's office before she loses any more IQ points. MacKenzie finds a printout of TMI's webpage and the story about her, her boyfriend, and Will. Um, they're spelling her name with a lowercase "K." But this stupid show's credits insist that it's a capital "K." I'd rather it were the former because it would be slightly easier to type. Also, way to use three photos that were clearly taken from screencaps. They couldn't find a picture of Wade when he wasn't standing in front of a TV in what is obviously ACN's control room? And Will is in his office in his picture! They aren't even trying. Wade calls MacKenzie. She doesn't answer. I'm not sure if that's intentional or because she doesn't know how phones work again.

Hey, look! It's ACN Morning, the show for early risers who want to be in the know. Already, it's better and more informative than NewsNight as the anchors mention that it's cold outside. That's news you can use! In addition, the anchors have Bieber fever. Then it's time for the "What Caught My Eye" segment, and guess what caught the male anchor's eye? Yes, it's the TMI story about MacKenzie! The female anchor doesn't really want to talk about this, saying they don't know the facts. Charlie managed to get into work early despite his usual hangover and calls in to the control room. The male anchor starts talking about how MacKenzie and Will used to date and how he found that out when she emailed everyone about it. Honestly, the story here should be "NewsNight EP So Dumb," sub-head: "Can't do math, use email, or ID prominent New York Times columnists."

The female anchor is all, "Let's move on!" But the male anchor ignores her. Charlie asks the control room to put him in the male anchor's earpiece, at which point he tells him if he doesn't go to a commercial break in ten seconds, he will be fired. The anchor immediately and clumsily goes to a break. MacKenzie shows up in Will's office looking like she's about to cry, as usual. Will thinks they should be more upset that the female anchor admitted to having Bieber fever. That doesn't seem to make MacKenzie feel any better.

Maggie drops a bunch of presents on Jim's desk and wishes him a happy Valentine's Day. Jim feels bad; he didn't realize it was Valentine's Day today or that he'd be getting a present from Maggie. Maggie explains that Valentine's Day isn't until Monday, and these presents aren't for Jim. They will be from him, to Roommate Lisa. You see, Don has a wonderful romantic evening planned for him and Maggie, but Maggie is afraid Lisa will somehow "ruin" it if she doesn't have a date of her own to distract her. Last year, Maggie says, Lisa's boyfriend stood her up and so she made Maggie and Don watch a movie and listen to her complain about how every single Valentine's Day has been awful all night long. Um, what? Maggie and Don can't just leave Maggie's apartment? Doesn't Don have a place they can go to? Lisa doesn't live there too, does she? This is ridiculous.

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