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After calling Jim a "nerd," Maggie says she and Don will be going to a room at the Four Seasons. That's great; can't they just go there without Lisa coming along? Or not tell Lisa which room they're in? And turn their phones off? This makes no sense. Jim doesn't want to spend Valentine's Day with Lisa, as they're just fuck-buddies. Maggie doesn't care; she's already drawn up an itinerary for Jim and Lisa's date and given Jim gifts for Lisa that she knows Lisa will like, including "slutty lingerie." Poor Lisa. Her roommate is such a bitch to and thinks so little of her. Jim says it's not like Maggie is so pure, what with the bathtub at the Four Seasons she was just bragging about. "You can't have sex in a bathtub," Maggie says. "Yes, you can!" Tess says, once again being one of the few bright spots on this show; "you just have to slip yourself-- " Maggie cuts her off rudely. "Shut up!" she then screams at Jim. I can see why the men on this show are just falling all over themselves to be with her. What I can't see is why she's falling all over herself to have a romantic night with Don, who she couldn't stand last week, or to hook Lisa up with Jim, when she was so upset about them being together last week.

Neal Skypes with Amen, who is wearing a bandana over his nose and mouth. He holds up his American passport to show Amen that he is who he says he is, like those can't be faked for a Skype chat easily enough and also, Neal was a UK citizen six years ago, but now he has an American passport? How the hell did that happen? Does this show not understand how these things work? They already have MacKenzie as the most British "American citizen" ever. Neal tells Amen they want to pay him to report for ACN. Amen says that sounds great to him. Neal introduces Amen to MacKenzie. Oh, that's too bad for Amen. Nothing good can happen once you meet MacKenzie. Look at Dr. Dr. Sloan -- she was an accomplished economics reporter and now she's giving Economics 101 lessons.

MacKenzie says it'll be three a.m., Amen's time when they report live from Tahrir Square. She wants him to get interviews, find out who's in charge of Egypt right now, and find out what the military is doing. Amen says that's not a problem. Oh, and they'll need Amen to tell them his real name and show his entire face. She says Amen's report won't be credible if he's anonymous. Oh, come on. I think Americans watching would understand if Amen had to remain anonymous. Neal tries to convince Amen by saying he'll be the first Egyptian reporter on the scene of one of the most important news events in the Middle East. "You will never forget tonight," he says. Yeah, he'll treasure those memories forever until he's dead tomorrow. Amen removes the mask and tells them his real name: Kahlid. He smiles, unaware that he's probably just signed his own death warrant.

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