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Kahlid tells Neal how to spell his name, which is valuable information for a certain television recapper, only for the show to cut away to Will, Charlie, and MacKenzie. Now I'll never know how to spell Kahlid's last name! But I guess it's more important to know that Will wants to look into the Koch brothers' connection to the governor of Wisconsin, but doesn't know if Charlie will go for it because it's the one thing Leona asked ACN not to do and at this point I'm starting to think that's the only reason Will is doing it. MacKenzie thinks people should be paying more attention to her, so she offers to resign. Will foolishly refuses. Then again, he did give up a million dollars a year to have the ability to fire her. Will and MacKenzie bicker in a way that we are supposed to find cute and/or humorous until Charlie whisper-yells at them to shut up. Will says they're going to chase the Koch story. Actually, Jim is going to do that, as Will is more of a delegator than a reporter.

February 11: Will tells the four people who watch NewsNight about the Egypt and how Mubarak agreed to step down. Will shows the footage Kahlid got, then goes to Kahlid.

And then they're on a break. Gary Cooper decides to walk into the studio and tell Will, in the middle of the newscast, that he used to work at TMI and heard that Nina took money from people not to write about them. Will thinks that's insane. MacKenzie hears it all on her headset. Will comes back from the break, Gary Cooper disappears, and the topic switches to Wisconsin.

After the show, Kahlid talks to MacKenzie, Neal, Will, and Jim. Will tells him he did "good work." Kahlid says Tahrir Square is now full of old women cleaning everything. But, Kahlid says, as happy as everyone is that Mubarak is gone, the military is still in charge. "We traded this 82-year-old dictator for a 79-year-old field marshal," Kahlid says. He actually read the Wikileaks stuff and saw that the US state department called the field marshal "Mubarak's poodle." Way to read the Wikileaks documents, entire NewsNight team except for possibly Neal. "The army's not the good guys?" says the woman who supposedly reported from war zones for the last two and a half years. Kahlid wonders if they'll actually have free elections or if the army will protect the Mubarak supporters who killed hundreds of protestors in Tahrir Square. Kahlid wants to go to the Ministry of the Interior, where the army is burning documents in the courtyard, to find out now. Neal thinks that sounds like a great idea.

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