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Just in case you didn't think MacKenzie was the most pathetic person in the world, we get to watch her attempt to pay attention while Dr. Dr. Sloan is talking about the difference between commercial banks and investment banks. "Can you balance your checkbook?" Dr. Dr. Sloan asks. "Yes!" MacKenzie says. Then: "No," MacKenzie admits. OH MY GOD IT IS NOT DIFFICULT TO BALANCE A CHECKBOOK. You just write down what you've taken out or put back into your checking account and make sure it matches up with your bank statement. Even though MacKenzie is a moron, Dr. Dr. Sloan tries to explain the Glass-Steagall Act. MacKenzie stares at her phone. Wade is calling. MacKenzie has stopped paying attention. "I can't seem to stop hurting Will," she says. That has nothing to do with banking or the economy or the Glass-Steagall Act.

"This morning was just fucked up," Dr. Dr. Sloan says, trying to be a friend to the woman who constantly asks her for stuff and then ditches her. "Do you have any human knowledge?" asks the woman who doesn't have any friends and thinks it's okay to cheat on someone if you're doing it to find out whether or not you're in love. "I have been told I do not," Dr. Dr. Sloan says, not seeming to really care. MacKenzie drinks her wine. Dr. Dr. Sloan feels kind of guilty about all of this, since she was the reason why MacKenzie sent that email to Will (and everyone else in the universe) in the first place. MacKenzie goes on another crying jag and wheezes that this is totally Dr. Dr. Sloan's fault before stopping herself. "I'm the closest thing that you have to a female friend, right?" Dr. Dr. Sloan asks, already knowing the answer. MacKenzie asks if Dr. Dr. Sloan is saying that MacKenzie doesn't have any female friends or that Dr. Dr. Sloan is not entirely female. That was a funny line. Too bad it's stuck between a bunch of annoying lines.

For some reason, Dr. Dr. Sloan wants to hear more about Will and MacKenzie's Troubled Past. MacKenzie says she was with a guy who "wasn't half the man that Will is," (like Will is so awesome. He's not) but was clearly intelligent because he dumped her. Dr. Dr. Sloan quickly decides that she doesn't want to hear any of this. They try to talk about the economy again. Dr. Dr. Sloan says after the Glass-Steagall act was passed, everything turned awesome. MacKenzie cries and wonders if they cheated on the Glass-Stegall act with an act that wasn't half as good. Dr. Dr. Sloan says that's close enough -- the Glass-Steagall Act was repealed.

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