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Will struggles to get through his newscast without confusing terms like "deficit" and "debt ceiling," "washing" and "watching," and "Will McAvoy" and "Terry Smith." Also, it turns out that Terry Smith is the name of the host of the show that's on after NewsNight and before whatever Elliot's show is called! Why haven't we ever met this "Terry Smith?" Is it a man or a woman? Does Terry Smith have his or her own HBO show that's actually really, really good in a parallel universe? Why can't we watch that instead of this?

MacKenzie asks Will what his problem was. "You think people noticed?" Will asks stupidly. Yes, they noticed and now they all probably think you were drunk on the air. But way to make NewsNight compelling appointment television for the first time in a year. MacKenzie holds up a handmade eye chart to make sure Will isn't blind (he passes and comments that our current healthcare system is fine. Which it totally is -- if you're a millionaire with employee health insurance -- and Will says he's just really tired, due his current bout with insomnia. He had that like two episodes ago, didn't he? And two episodes ago was six months ago, so ... that's been going on for a while. "You need to sleep," MacKenzie says, like Will doesn't know that. Will says he's taking care of it with a trip to his psychiatrist. MacKenzie is pleased to hear that he's seeing the same guy he was seeing when they were together, but Will reveals that he hasn't actually seen Dr. Habib in four years, although for some reason he's still paying him as if he's a once a week patient. He's probably not paying him full price though, thanks to our wonderful healthcare system!

A black Escalade drops Will off at the psychiatrist's office. Will apparently has his own driver and... it's Terry Crews! And he's going to accompany Will into the psychiatrist's waiting room for an awkward conversation that also informs us why Will didn't just see his regular doctor about this: because Will's regular doctor asks too many questions and takes too long. Unlike psychiatrists, who never ask about anything and wouldn't be at all curious about the fact that you've been paying them for the last four years for no reason.

With that, David Krumholtz introduces himself as Jack Habib, Will's psychiatrist's son. And Will's current psychiatrist since Dr. Habib Sr. actually died two years ago. Jack is 29 years old (except that David Krumholtz is older than that and looks it, so why not make him 35 years old? Does every single character on this show have to be some kind of prodigy? Even Will, who finished college when he was 19 or whatever). Terry Crews snickers. Will makes sure that Jack can write prescriptions and follows him in the office.

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