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Lots of Love

Jim finally reveals that in 2006, Fox tried to lure Will to Los Angeles to host a late-night show with a pile of money. MacKenzie didn't know about that, and now she has her stupid crying face on.

Also, Don walks in the newsroom and sees Jim and Maggie getting along well. Only took a year to figure that one out, Don.

MacKenzie barges into Will's office, but is not stopped by Terry Crews. Will tells Terry Crews to be better at his job and "attack" MacKenzie. "My life is in constant danger when she's around," Will says. Only if you're a whiteboard or a BlackBerry, Will. Terry Crew leaves the room. MacKenzie asks Will about that Fox show, which was offered while they were dating. Since Will seriously considered it, he must not have been all that serious about MacKenzie after all. So what? He still didn't cheat on her. "You never had any intention of marrying me!" MacKenzie says; "you were just gonna go to LA." Will takes a ring box out of his desk drawer while MacKenzie goes on and on about nothing. He opens it and shows her a huge diamond ring. I don't know how much he paid for it, but it was worth it to get her to shut up. Will says he never told MacKenzie about the Fox deal because he knew Fox didn't want to hire him; they were just using him as leverage to make a deal with someone they really wanted. Or something. Hollywood is so cruel! "That ring was meant for me?" MacKenzie whisper-sobs. Duh, MacKenzie. "But I've lived a life that's good and pure," no one would ever say but MacKenzie says now because Sorkin is not as good at dialogue as he thinks. Will points out that there was one thing she did that wasn't good or pure, then makes her say what that was: cheating on him. MacKenzie just got shut down, so she leaves the room by saying that Will should definitely use that ring again for his next proposal. Yeah, because it worked out so well the first time.

Just in case you thought Will had kept the ring in his desk drawer for the past four years, he reveals to Jack that he had his agent go out and buy it for him as soon as he found out that his staff was looking into his past. He knew they'd find out about the Fox thing and tell MacKenzie, so he had the ring waiting for her when she inevitably stormed in to confront him about it to make her feel extra bad. "Does that seem normal to you?" Jack asks. Will doesn't think it's so bad. Jack says MacKenzie's affair was four years ago -- a.k.a. get the hell over it, asshole. "Fuck you. You don't know what it's like in my head," Will says. Neither do I, because Will and the rest of the characters on this show haven't been written like real people.

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