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Dr. Dr. Sloan doesn't even care anymore. She's wearing a baseball cap of not giving a shit and packing up her office, as I guess she's decided it's better to resign than let Charlie suspend her. What kind of tool puts her diplomas on her office wall? That's only appropriate if you're a doctor or a lawyer. Dr. Dr. Sloan is summoned to Maggie's desk to watch a Japanese news broadcast. I don't know what the anchor is saying but I am certain that this broadcast is ten times better than anything ACN can produce. Even though the show puts a picture of Elliot up when the anchorwoman talks about Dr. Dr. Sloan. Anyway, the gist of the broadcast is that Tanaka resigned. Dr. Dr. Sloan sighs sadly. Oh, whatever. Is she surprised that her actions have consequences? Or maybe Tanaka shouldn't be the spokesman for TEPCO if he can't keep his mouth shut around journalists.

Dr. Dr. Sloan turns to Will and begs him to tell her how she can fix this. "Help me. I need wisdom," she says. Um, last time you needed wisdom, Will single-handedly convinced you to ruin Tanaka's life and possibly your career. "I have wisdom," MacKenzie says. HA HA HA! Dr. Dr. Sloan is all "uh... no." Except that she said it with this ridiculous line: "I love you, but a Japanese man's honor is at stake and sometimes your wisdom leads to" and then Dr. Dr. Sloan makes a motion that I believe is a nuclear bomb exploding, which is kind of insensitive given the situation in Japan. It is, however, accurate. MacKenzie is terrible at everything and should not be trusted. But Will isn't much better.

Will tells Jack how awesome Dr. Dr. Sloan is that all she can think of is Tanaka's honor when she has her own problems. Yeah, she's so selfless. "Meanwhile, she's a punchline on the Internet," Will snarls. OH GOD NO NOT THE INTERNET. "He's got students too," Will says. He meant "she" (remember, Dr. Dr. Sloan teaches at Columbia somehow) but said "he." Jack thinks this could be important. Will thinks it's just a symptom of not sleeping very much. Anyway, this gets us back to the evil Internet and its anonymous commenters, and how Will's new system was really great at filtering out the anonymous comments except for that one death threat. "No more LollyPopLollyPop," Will says. Jack asks what LollyPopLollyPop and SurrendrDorothee were commenting about in the first place.

Let's flashback again! Will prepares to welcome Sutton Wall to his show. Wall is the deputy chief of staff for Rick Santorum, who just announced that he's going to run for president. Wall is black and gay, so not the first guy you'd expect to have anything to do with Santorum. Wall teaches at Temple, which means that he, like Dr. Dr. Sloan, has students. And Will almost made him cry on the air. Let's watch!

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