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Will reads a quote from Santorum about how gay marriage is a threat to straight marriage and asks Wall what's up with that. Wall tries to explain, but his words are too "vague" for Will, so he interrupts him and orders him to answer his questions. Wall says he was proud to work for Santorum, but does not necessarily agree with him about everything. Will can't let it go, so he asks Wall if Santorum's marriage has had problems since he lives in Washington D.C. where gay marriage is legal. "Of course not," Wall says; "this is a preposterous line of questioning." Which it is. Wall already said that he doesn't agree with Santorum's views on gay marriage. He's not responsible for explaining them all to Will.

Will asks Wall if it bothers him that Santorum clearly thinks Wall is a terrible person because he's gay. Not to defend Santorum here, because ew, but if he did employ an openly gay man (which he did -- Robert Traynham) then I guess he doesn't think that particular person is that terrible. Hmm. I think this show just caused me to say semi-nice things about Rick Santorum. That's not good. Will says that Santorum clearly thinks that Wall is a "sick deviant who's threatening the fabric of society." Wow, Will sure came up with that "sick deviant" line pretty fast.

Will cuts to a clip of Santorum being Santorum and saying that black people can't help being black, but gay people can change. Let's cut to Kendra, too, because she is also black and so this will have a particular impact on her. Wall says that Santorum is a "great man" who would make a "great president" and has always treated Wall with "the utmost respect." "Except for finding you disgusting," Will says. MacKenzie warns Will to back off. He doesn't. Wall says Santorum is okay with him because he's one of those Christians who claims to love gay people, but hate what they do. "He also thinks you're less than a man," Will adds. He's not quoting Santorum here, so... I'm starting to wonder if Will's the one who has all these thoughts about gay people. I mean, even Maggie seems to understand that what Will is doing isn't cool.

Will asks Wall why he would work for a man who believes that he's "damaged," "inferior," "ill," "unnatural," "a threat to children," "unfit to serve in the military," "unfit to be a parent," and "unloved by God." At this point, Wall tells Will to stop talking. He's on Santorum's side because Santorum is pro-life and so is Wall, and Wall thinks that's more important than gay rights. Will speaks up, but Wall isn't finished. "YOU WILL NOT INTERRUPT ME AGAIN, SIR!" he screams, becoming one of my favorite characters on this show. I don't know why everyone who appears on Will's show doesn't just do this. Or why anyone would appear on the show in the first place.

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