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"I am more than one thing. How dare you reduce me to the color of my skin or my sexual orientation," Wall continues; "How dare you presume to decide what I should think is important." Oh, Will. You just got TOLD. And there's more! Wall says that Santorum is wrong about gay marriage, but Will is worse for thinking that Wall needs Will's protection. Will tries to interrupt again. "SHUT UP! I'LL LET YOU KNOW WHEN I'M FINISHED!" Wall says. Wow, this is the best show NewsNight has done since that one with the Oklahoma beauty pageant contestant and the two weirdoes. "I am not defined by my blackness. I am not defined by my gayness. And if that doesn't fit your narrow-minded expectation of who I'm supposed to be, I don't give a damn. Because I'm not defined by you either. So get this through your head: I don't need your help." Even though he said he'd tell Will when he was finished, Will speaks up anyway. Not to apologize, which he really should, but to ask Wall if Santorum thinks he's fit to be a teacher. "No," Wall says. Will goes to a commercial.

Back in Jack's office, Will reveals that he does feel bad about how he treated Wall. "I was the bully," he says. It's so meaningful that he has to say it twice! Apparently, that caused the internet to "explode" with comments about how Will was "unhinged," which reminded him of one of the other, many, times when he was a bully -- this time to that blonde girl at Northwestern (I can't believe an entire year of Newsroom time has gone by already!), who he "scared." So now Will realizes that he's been an asshole for at least a year. Probably more. We all knew that about two minutes into the series premiere, but better late than never, guy.

And then we repeat the scene from the beginning of the episode, which you can feel free to scroll back up and read.

Don walks into Dr. Dr. Sloan's office, which she is still trying to pack up even though hours have gone by at this point. How does she have that much stuff in there? Is she a hoarder? Don and Dr. Dr. Sloan argue over whether or not Dr. Dr. Sloan's story was right and if she should have gone on the air with off-the-record comments. Dr. Dr. Sloan thinks so. Don does not. Also, "Is Maggie into Jim?" Seriously, how the hell would Dr. Dr. Sloan know? She never interacts with Jim or Maggie because she's smart.

MacKenzie orders Terry Crews to drive Will to his psychiatrist's office. Terry Crews agrees, then propositions MacKenzie. Apparently no one can act like a professional when he's around MacKenzie. Charlie walks in and calls out to Dr. Dr. Sloan: "Hey, girl." Even Will objects to that, and he's probably more of a dick to women than Charlie is. Charlie says it's okay because he figured out a way to save Dr. Dr. Sloan's job. It turns out that the Japanese words for four and seven sound similar. "Hey, girl!" Will calls out to Dr. Dr. Sloan, who should really just quit this horrible place and work someplace where people respect her.

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