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The day after "the mosque interview," Will tells Jack, the death threat came in. We cut to Will interviewing a woman who opposes the "mosque" being built near Ground Zero and I have no idea why these people go on Will's show anymore. Surely they know what he's going to do to them. The woman says this is a reflection of "creeping Islam" all over America, and surely the Muslims want to impose Sharia law all over the place. Will yells at the woman for this, saying it would basically be impossible for Muslims to create new religious laws in this country even if they actually wanted to. He then asks about "creeping Christianity," which the woman obviously supports. Will informs her of some things that have happened in the United States in the name of her awesome Christianity: the KKK, Neo-Nazis, abortion clinic bombers, the CSA, the Oklahoma City bombing, the attempted assassination of President Reagan and the successful ones of Lincoln, Kennedy, John Lennon and Martin Luther King, Jr. Um... I'm sorry, but that's not really accurate. JFK was assassinated by a man who wanted to defect to the USSR, which persecuted Christians. Reagan was shot by a man who was trying to impress Jodie Foster, not Jesus. That isn't to say that this country doesn't have a history of doing terrible things in the name of Christianity -- just that the examples Will used are not the best. "We weren't attacked by Muslims. We were attacked by sociopaths," Will says. He doesn't think criminally insane people should get community centers. He's fine if Muslims do.

Dr. Dr. Sloan explains Japanese culture to Will, MacKenzie and Don, saying it's possible that the Japanese are downplaying the danger of the recently-tsunami'd nuclear plant so they won't be embarrassed. I'm confused; have we skipped over the tsunami? Surely Maggie has a friend whose cousin is a wave who could give NewsNight the big scoop on this! What a missed opportunity! The meeting is interrupted by Jim, who says Will "needs" to see a comment on the website. "It's serious," Jim says, looking serious.

The comment is sort of a death threat with some racial slurs and Will's address and apartment number. The commenter is a professor at Ohio State University. Hooray for third party verification! Oh, no, wait -- someone scammed the new system just a few days after it was implemented. MacKenzie immediately tells on Will to Charlie.

Now we're in Charlie's office so Neal can explain to him that they set up the new comment system to make it really difficult to steal someone else's password. So whoever did this must have really wanted to threaten Will's life. Or it's the professor from OSU. No one is even entertaining the possibility that some professor at OSU went insane and started sending death threats to news anchors, and that is a gross oversight. This is why our nation's professors feel like they can act without impunity. MacKenzie demands a bodyguard for Will, who protests. Charlie says it's up to the insurance company and he's pretty sure it'll want a bodyguard. More important to Charlie is the latest tabloid story about Will. Are we still on this tabloid thing? Does anyone care anymore? Surely TMI's readers don't. This time, it's about a complaint Maggie filed against Will for creating a "hostile work environment." "Maggie wouldn't complain if her hair was on fire," MacKenzie says. That's only because she's too dumb and self-absorbed to notice. Neal says the complaint was filed before MacKenzie started at ACN and that it was filed by someone else on Maggie's behalf. Right. Because Maggie doesn't know how to file a complaint. Charlie opens the door so Neal can leave the room, his usefulness at an end. Charlie orders MacKenzie to order someone else to "fully investigate" Will so they can hopefully anticipate the next tabloid story before it happens. Yes, they'll really need to dig deep to uncover HR complaints that everyone who worked for Will when they were lodged already knew about.

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