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Lots of Love

Meanwhile, in the room with all the characters who don't totally suck, Dr. Dr. Sloan continues to speak Japanese and be awesome. The spokesman tells her (I guess -- I don't know Japanese because I am not as cool as Dr. Dr. Sloan) that the reactor is at level five but they think they'll be able to get it back online. Dr. Dr. Sloan then asks everyone to leave the room so she can talk to the spokesman alone. Uh... but none of them speak Japanese, so Dr. Dr. Sloan basically is alone with the spokesman already. Anyway, now when Dr. Dr. Sloan talks to the guy, we get subtitles. She asks him if he's absolutely sure that the reactor is at level five and not in much worse condition than they want to tell everyone. The guy hesitates. Dr. Dr. Sloan reminds him that they've "known each other a long time."

Don walks in, looking for Dr. Dr. Sloan. He screams her name. "She's on the phone!" Kendra yells at him. Right as she says this, Dr. Dr. Sloan runs out of the room. "All right, she's off the phone," Kendra shrugs. I don't know why, but I really enjoyed that bit from Kendra. Dr. Dr. Sloan gives Gary Cooper her notes, telling him the reactor is going to go to level seven. "Holy shit!" Gary Cooper says. Don doesn't care about nuclear reactors, so he grabs Dr. Dr. Sloan away and asks her to fill in for Elliot on tonight's show. Elliot has a five-year-old daughter and she's having her tonsils taken out, so Elliot is spending the night in the hospital with her. That makes no sense. I had my tonsils out a few years ago and it was an outpatient procedure. Like, super-outpatient. They wanted me to leave that recovery room as soon as I woke up. But I didn't! I took a nice, long nap instead because they made me get up at like five in the morning to have the surgery in the first place and I was tired. But I didn't stay overnight.

Dr. Dr. Sloan asks if the surgery was an emergency. Yes, it was one of those emergency tonsillectomies. Don says the surgery and Elliot's absence were scheduled in advance, but Don "forgot" to find someone to fill in for him until the last minute. "You're my first and only choice," Don tells Dr. Dr. Sloan, except that's obviously not true since she offers up several other suggestions and he has reasons why none of them can fill in because he already asked them to. "You are my fourth and only choice," Don says. Dr. Dr. Sloan says she only knows how to do financial news. "You're expanding," Don says. "Oh, come on! I only gained four freaking pounds!" Dr. Dr. Sloan says, because women are obsessed with their figures! Even Dr. Dr. Sloan is not immune. Don is able to convince her to anchor the night by telling her that her wardrobe will be "a whole rack of choices" from Gucci. Ladies!

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