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Lots of Love

Terry Crews is waiting for Will when he arrives. "I'm gonna hate this," Will says. Terry Crews does not care. He played college football but was cut from the NFL, then served in the army and now he does the security thing. Will tells him not to bring a gun into the office; like, what good is a bodyguard if he's not armed and the person trying to kill you is? Terry Crews says that Will doesn't get to boss him around. He will pick Will up in the morning, drive him to work, hang out at the office all day and then bring him home. And leave him there, unguarded? Because the commenter basically said that's where he was going to kill Will. At his home. Yet somehow, Terry Crews thinks Will's home and office are "secure" locations. Yeah, that office is real secure, what with them letting Roommate Lisa wander in whenever. Will is a dead man.

Dr. Dr. Sloan walks in and takes a second to poke Terry Crews's pecs and then giggle awkwardly about how hard they are. Seriously, Dr. Dr. Sloan? You're 34 and you haven't felt pecs before? And you're still that goofily impressed by them? If she hadn't been so kickass with the Japanese earlier, I would kind of hate Dr. Dr. Sloan after the last five minutes. Terry Crews leaves and Dr. Dr. Sloan shoots Will in the face. Just kidding! But she totally should have, just to prove what a bad bodyguard he is. Will says he was the one who suggested that Dr. Dr. Sloan fill in for Elliot. Dr. Dr. Sloan thinks that's a vote of confidence from Will, but he says he has no idea if she'll be able to do it or not.

While Will is clearly distracted and kind of annoyed about something else, Dr. Dr. Sloan asks him for advice on how she can get her guest tonight, the TEPCO spokesman, to tell her on the record what he just told her off of it. "Just don't stop until he tells the truth," Will says. He says she's "brilliant" on her four o'clock show except when she lets guests say things that she knows aren't true. "Ask the damn follow-up," Will gently suggests; "you can't just sit there and be a facilitator for whatever bullshit the guest want to feed your viewers." To allow someone to lie on the air, Will says, makes you the guy who drives the drug dealer around in his car. Does Will have a drug problem? Because all of his analogies have to do with drugs and dealing them. "Show me something," he orders. Dr. Dr. Sloan puts on her Serious Frown. "Got it," she says.

Back in the psychiatrist's office, Will says he was in a bad mood and probably over-motivated Dr. Dr. Sloan. Jack asks if he scared her. Will says he "hates" that people are scared of him. Jack says some people like it when people are scared of them and "most people don't care." Most people don't care if people are afraid of them? I don't think that's true, but okay. Will says Dr. Dr. Sloan must have been scared because of what she did next.

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