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First of all, it turns out that Elliot's show is called Right Now and it has the lamest, most public-access-looking title screen ever. Dr. Dr. Sloan talks to her TEPCO friend, who has an interpreter next to him. "All six reactors are in stable condition," she says. Don tells Dr. Dr. Sloan they can move on now, but Dr. Dr. Sloan is wearing Gucci and is motivated-scared, so she presses TEPCO to admit that the reactors are not stable and also yells at the translator for not accurately translating her questions for TEPCO. "We know of no core damage in any of the reactors," the translator says. The translator doesn't seem to understand that Dr. Dr. Sloan is fluent in Japanese and so knows that she's sort of lying to her. Dr. Dr. Sloan calls her out. "Please translate exactly what I'm asking and exactly what Mr. Tanaka's answering, including what I'm saying now because I want him to be aware that he's being misrepresented," Dr. Dr. Sloan says. So now she's in a fight with the translator. Don gets on the headset and asks Dr. Dr. Sloan not to "go rogue." I don't know what he's worried about. This is probably the most exciting show ACN has ever had.

TEPCO guy insists that the radiation is holding steady at level five "and that's where it should remain," translator says. "Ma'am, he didn't say 'and that's where it should remain. You did,'" Dr. Dr. Sloan says. I don't know why this translator is so bad at her job. She's like the Maggie of Japanese translators. Dr. Dr. Sloan is tired of her and decides to talk to Tanaka directly. Don doesn't know what to do now that his broadcast is no longer in English. Again, not sure why he's so upset. If I was watching the news and the anchor just busted out in Japanese and started yelling at everyone, I would call that a triumph of the medium. Don yells at Dr. Dr. Sloan until she removes the earpiece. Don screams. Dr. Dr. Sloan goes back to English. The translator says, again, that they don't think the radiation level will rise past five. "Well, that's simply not what Mr. Tanaka told me on the phone earlier today," Dr. Dr. Sloan says. OOPS. That was supposed to be off the record. "Go back to Japanese!" Don begs. Dr. Dr Sloan says if Tanaka won't admit that he told her the level could go up to seven then she will. And did. And continues to do. "Level seven," she says; "is the different between life and gruesome death. We'll be back after this with Sarah Bernhardt." "SANDRA!" Don screams. Between the LOL and this, I'm starting to think Sorkin must have written this script in the early 90s. Why else would any show have Sandra Bernhardt on?

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