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Lots of Love

Dr. Dr. Sloan walks into the bullpen looking stunned at what just happened. Don is waiting for her. "Okay... " Dr. Dr. Sloan says shakily. "Sup?" Don asks. Dr. Dr. Sloan tries to explain, but Don tells her to wait 10 seconds.

Ten seconds later, Charlie screams his way into the room. "WHAT IN THE NAME OF HOLY FUCK WERE YOU THINKING ABOUT?!?!?!" he politely inquires. He calls Dr. Dr. Sloan's anchoring calamitous; like, no, Charlie. The tsunami is a calamity. Charlie shakes and screams as he asks if Dr. Dr. Sloan seriously just made up statements about a deadly radiation leak. Dr. Dr. Sloan says she didn't make them up -- Tanaka told her the reactor would be a Level Seven. But no, he never said it while he was on the air and that's all Charlie cares about. He doesn't "give a shit" about anything else. Um... the Japanese people who live near Fukushima might. Dr. Dr. Sloan was wrong to burn her source... but she also might have saved people's lives by doing it. Dr. Dr. Sloan admits that Tanaka said the reactors were only at five when he was on the air. But she thinks she made it clear when she was on the air that the level seven thing was said before they went on the air. Don points out that Dr. Dr. Sloan was the only person in the room when Tanaka said it. And if she wasn't, it wouldn't have really mattered since no one else knows Japanese anyway. Dr. Dr. Sloan lets it slip that her conversation with Tanaka was supposed to be off the record. Charlie says no one will ever trust her with off-the-record information again and "you have no value to me as a reporter now." Don protests. Charlie ignores him and suspends Dr. Dr. Sloan while he brings in investigators to make sure that Dr. Dr. Sloan didn't make anything else up.

Dr. Dr. Sloan loudly protests that she didn't make anything up. Charlie says that doesn't matter now -- people will think that she did. At least she gets suspended with pay. Dr. Dr. Sloan gets mad and then they're both screaming at each other. "I DON'T WANT THE GODDAMN PAY!" Dr. Dr. Sloan says. "DON'T FRONT OFF WITH ME, GIRL!" Charlie says. "DON'T CALL ME GIRL, SIR!" Dr. Dr. Sloan says. Finally, someone registers annoyance with the misogyny on this show! I still can't believe it's the woman who was hired for NewsNight because of her legs. "EVERYBODY CALM THE FUCK DOWN!" Don requests. Charlie pulls himself together and tries to leave the room with some dignity, but can't help but inform everyone that Sarah Bernhardt and Sandra Bernhardt are not the same person. Dr. Dr. Sloan looks like she's going to cry. Don lifts her chin up and pats her on the shoulder.

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