Election Night, Part 1

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Election Night Special

Meanwhile, Taylor is still fighting with everyone over liberal bias in the media with the liberal members of said media. "ACN's star anchor is a Republican who spends an awful lot of air time reporting stories about crazy Republicans being crazy," Taylor says. Terry Smith is a Republican? I guess so, since we all know that she (or he) is ACN's star anchor. Oh. I guess she meant Will. Also, she's right. "In fairness, he did anchor a report about a Democratic president committing war crimes, and that wasn't even true," Dr. Dr. Sloan says. "Elephant in the room." This is the best show ACN has ever done.

Meanwhile, instead of getting things under control, MacKenzie is talking to Charlie about their desperate quest to be unemployed. He fills her in on stuff we already know, and then Neal tells MacKenzie that he changed her Wikipedia entry but Wikipedia changed it right back and said Wikipedia doesn't use information that comes directly from the source of the article. Once again, the internet is evil. Stay off the internet, guys. Apparently, Wikipedia was mean to Sorkin once.

MacKenzie explains that she must get her due for her amazing presidency of the Cambridge union. "Don't I know," Neal says, and MacKenzie thinks he's trying to say something about colonialism (he's not. He claims). MacKenzie insists that it's really important to get this right. Neal says he will. "Thank you. Ruling India was wrong," MacKenzie says. "It's a little late," Neal says.

During a commercial break, Dr. Dr. Sloan has to apologize. Taylor says that she, as a public relations expert, thought Dr. Dr. Sloan's "elephant in the room" comment was "perfect." Elliot calls Taylor "an enemy of all that is good." Taylor calls him too tall and apologizes to Will for mentioning his Republicanness. He says it's fine but don't do it again and walks off.

Dr. Dr. Sloan spots Neal and tries to get an update on the book thing which is so stupid it's not even funny.

Jim asks the control room guy to take the Michigan results off the scroll. "ARE WE TAKING BACK THE CALL?!!?!!?!!" asks control room guy as everyone spins around to stare at Jim accusingly. "We're … not flaunting it," Jim says, asking Don not to let Will or MacKenzie know about this. Before Don can, Maggie runs in and says his shower buddy is on the phone. Control room guy takes Michigan off the scroll, but he doesn't like it.

MacKenzie spends the break looking at voting trends in Ohio. Will stops by her office and says she should be enjoying this because the broadcast is going well so far. MacKenzie says if he fired her, it "wouldn't necessarily look like scapegoating," but a "necessary and appropriate step." She really hates working at ACN. "Fire me! You're the only one who can do it!" MacKenzie demands. "I was a really good boyfriend," Will sayzzzzzzzzzzz

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