Election Night, Part 1

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Election Night Special

Oh, and then he gets mad at MacKenzie for thinking the only reason why he hasn't fired her yet is because it would make him look bad. She says he clearly cares about his image. "What have I ever done to deserve that?" he asks. "How big a dick do you think I am and how long have you thought it?" Um. Didn't he conduct his own likeability poll like two episodes ago? "I was a good guy. I was a good guy," Will Sincere Whispers. The camera zooms out of his face real quick. "You're fired," he says. "End of the broadcast." Hooray! But it won't stick. I think we all know that.

Don and Maggie go tell Charlie, Will, and MacKenzie about that guy in California. Maggie makes another gay joke about Don and John. Don says they if they put off reporting on Brody's rape comments for a day (which, why? The elections are already over) then he'll give them two on the record sources for another, bigger story. Charlie says as long as that story isn't about potentially libelous misconduct in the armed forces, he's on board. Oops! The story is that General David Petraeus is about to resign from the CIA because he had an affair with his biographer who is also in the Army Reserve. Also there's some weirdness about a socialite in Florida. Charlie lets out a scream of agony and a fuck.

Will and MacKenzie get back to work. Will tells Taylor to go ahead and lay into him about his personal politics after all. "Take me apart," he says. Um … ok? What can she really take apart there? And why does he think the audience cares to see it during the election results show? Then he stares into the camera at MacKenzie for a while. Tune in next week to find out who wins the election!!!

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