Election Night, Part 1

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Election Night Special

With that, Charlie asks if Reese is upstairs having an election night viewing party. MGH says he obviously is, because "look at me." "I dressed for the party," she says. "I look hot. Liquid sex. I just described myself as 'liquid sex,'" she purrs. Um … what? Oh, right – MGH was the last woman left on this show who hadn't felt the need to point out to everyone that she is a woman. Tell me, how many $1500-an-hour lawyers do you know who say these things in a professional setting (that is not the company Christmas party)? Charlie says he's planning to go up to the party and try to convince Reese to let him resign. Wow, these people really must hate their jobs to be so passionate about not having them anymore. But that's okay. It's not like it's tough to find work in the field of journalism.

The real reason why MGH is in the newsroom, it turns out, is to talk to Don. She won't say what it's about, but hints that it's not great news. Charlie says whatever because no one cares about Don and then tells her to leave the menfolk to talk. He tells Will that MacKenzie is taking the whole "failing at her job" thing the hardest out of all of them. Yeah, probably because she has the most to lose. She's the youngest and the poorest; Charlie and Will could probably never work again and be comfortable. She can't. Also she's an emotional woman.

Charlie suggests that Will fire MacKenzie. Will refuses. Charlie takes his cigarette away from him and wonders why he doesn't "set [him]self on fire instead of the cigarette." Charlie is kind of a pyromaniac this week. They hug it out. Charlie leaves with Will's cigarette.

In the makeup room, ACN's election night talent prepare to go on. And just WHO IS THAT in the makeup chair? None other than Taylor! Dr. Dr. Sloan and Elliot go over interesting races around the country and Dr. Dr. Sloan "calls" discussing one that Elliot brought up to her. He protests that he wants to talk about it, but Taylor says that she's pretty sure one has to call one's stories before air. And this story is about a guy who is gay and his dad was in the KKK and something to do with trains, so.

Jim and Maggie enter. Maggie is still sporting that hair we have no explanation for. I mean, I assumed it was because of the Uganda stuff but she cut it months and months later so I don't know? Jim assures Taylor that she shouldn't be nervous that it's her first time on the air and so she might be bad. Very nice, Jim. Taylor says she's not worried at all. Why is ACN introducing a brand new analyst with no prior on-camera experience on presidential election night? That makes no sense.

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