Election Night, Part 1

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Election Night Special

Jim then informs Taylor that the race has already been called for Romney in Indiana and Kentucky. "Yeah, baby!" Taylor says. Jim tells her she has to remain non-partisan, in which case maybe he shouldn't have hired a Republican presidential candidate's PR person to do this. After reminding Taylor that he isn't her little reporter embed she can lord her candidate access over, Jim leaves. Elliot asks her why she and Jim seem to hate each other. Taylor blames it on her tattling to MacKenzie that he gave away an interview to Hallie, who is now his girlfriend.

Maggie steps forward and cuts Taylor off to introduce herself and say "I hate Jim, too." Huh? Since when? Why? Even Taylor thinks "hate" is a strong word to describe her relationship with Jim, but she's willing to give Maggie a scoop if it means Jim will be annoyed she got one and he didn't. "Talk to me!" Maggie says. "Talk to me too, sistah!" Dr. Dr. Sloan says. "Be less desperate for female friends!" Elliot orders. It should be noted that Elliot doesn't appear to have any friends, male or female.

Dr. Dr. Sloan meets Neal in the hallway. He tells her that the autographed copy of her book she put in the charity auction sold. Dr. Dr. Sloan has no idea what he's talking about, so he clumsily exposits (seriously, what is with the exposition on tonight's episode? I mean, it's never done particularly gracefully but it's especially bad tonight) that various ACN personalities put things up for auction for Hurricane Sandy relief. Will put a round of golf with Will up for bid, while Dr. Dr. Sloan decided against dinner with Dr. Dr. Sloan and chose the book instead. I'm pretty sure Dr. Dr. Sloan would already know that? But good call on not doing the dinner, Dr. Dr. Sloan. You would've gotten a very, very creepy person. Dr. Dr. Sloan says that she did it because she didn't think anyone would bid on either prize and she didn't want to be embarrassed when no one bid on the date with her. Um. Okay. People bid on a round of golf with Will, and he's horrible and no one likes him and he's not a very attractive woman. Anyway, Dr. Dr. Sloan says she's donated money "directly to Sandy." I'm sure Hurricane Sandy appreciated your donation, Dr. Dr. Sloan.

Neal informs Dr. Dr. Sloan that the book went for $1,000 and Dr. Dr. Sloan is shocked that anyone would pay that much for a book about economics in post-WWI Germany, especially when she didn't even sign it. Neal says she did sign it. Dr. Dr. Sloan insists that she didn't. Neal recites the inscription to her, part of which is in German. He says someone must have signed it for her and sent it to the auction. Dr. Dr. Sloan says she feels really bad now that someone gave so much money for a fake signature. There's a pause, and then Neal realizes he's about to be ordered to help Dr. Dr. Sloan find whoever bought the book on one of the busiest news nights of the year. Cheer up, Neal! That's not the stupidest and most useless thing you'll be asked to do tonight.

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