Election Night, Part 1

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Election Night Special

Maggie stops by Don's office to tell him about the scoop she got from Taylor. Some guy named "Brody" in California waited until election morning to come out against Todd Akin and his comments about women's bodies having ways of "shutting that thing down" when they get raped so they won't have a baby. It turns out that, in 1990, Brody wrote some kind of op-ed about how women "cry rape" and that's why we shouldn't make rape exceptions to abortion laws. "Children are conceived by love, not by rape," he concluded.

So now that Maggie has failed at trying to get a comment from Brody's office, she's hoping Don can help. "Didn't you used to take showers with his chief of staff?" she asks. Don says they played tennis. "And then took showers together," Maggie says. "They're individual showers," Don says. "When you cut your hair, where you trying to look like Joey Heatherton and something went terribly wrong?" Yes. Joey Heatherton, that 68-year-old well-known to young people.

Don calls John, the chief of staff. He asks about Brody's op-ed. Before he tells John what Brody wrote about, John says he already knew about it. And he's willing to "trade" Don a scoop if he keeps this one quiet. "You know we're in no mood to be fucked around with, right?" Don asks. John gives him his special shower promise. Don gives him until 8:30. He hangs up and wonders if ACN finally caught a lucky break. Yes, that's right. It's a lucky break. Not the result of any reporting or journalism.

MacKenzie watches over her underlings, all of whom have such better hair than she does this week. Like, take a shower, MacKenzie. Use some shampoo maybe. Also, I see that intern is still hanging around. Nice two-year-long internship you have there. I'll bet it's unpaid! The staff is sent away so MacKenzie and Will can talk about how Will and Charlie can't quit their jobs. Remember when we heard the explanation for this in the beginning of the show? Well, we're hearing it again! MacKenzie freaks out that Dantana's lawsuit will be filed tomorrow morning and then all of their fuck-ups will be a matter of public record unless Leona agrees to settle. If not, the lawsuit is sure to include "a full-on description of every embarrassing thing that's gone on here in the last 14 months." Will says it'll probably include more than that. Yes. I can imagine a lot of embarrassing things have happened. Will tells MacKenzie to just focus on election night because she can't do anything about anything else anyway.

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