Election Night, Part 1

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Election Night Special

MacKenzie asks Will for a favor. "I'm not fucking around," she adds. We get it. No one here is fucking around. That's great. Lines like this are why this show has to be on pay cable. The favor? That Will says what he wants to say to her. Will says she looks really tired. "You look like you were grown in an environment where it's dark and damp," he says. But MacKenzie means she wants Will to yell at her for screwing up Genoa. Will would rather not. Then there's some talk about nice shoes, because woman like shoes. MacKenzie says Will reminds her of "a bomb that hasn't detonated." So … a ticking time bomb, then? She'd appreciate it if he exploded now rather than later.

Will says he's not a bomb. In fact, "I've been put in charge of morale." "By who?" MacKenzie asks. "I did it," Will says. MacKenzie keeps trying to get him to explode or whatever and he keeps informing her that he's a morale officer now. "I want to know what the punishment's going to be this time," MacKenzie says. Yes, she's talking about their past relationship YET AGAIN. "I was fucking my ex-boyfriend!" she says. Will says he was more upset that she lied to him. Also, "I've never heard you use that word as a verb before." Really? Because we all just heard her say it like one minute ago.

MacKenzie says that Will still holds that whole cheating thing against her six years after the fact, so she can't imagine how long he'll hold Genoa against her. "You know what, hon? Can I just say 'fuck you?'" Will asks. "Hon." LOL. "I've never punished you," he says. "KING GEORGE FORGAVE AMERICA IN LESS TIME THAN IT'S TAKING YOU – " MacKenzie starts. Okay, first of all? It's called the War of 1812. Second of all, King George was crazy a lot of that time. Will asks what is the proper amount of time for time to get over it. "Twenty-eight months!" MacKenzie says immediately. That's seven months for every month that she cheated on/lied to him!

Charlie makes a speech to the staff before the election night coverage begins. He goes on and on about how awesome America's elections are and even has a slideshow of people in other countries enjoying the American elections to prove it. And all to stress how important it is that they don't fuck it up tonight. He suggests that anyone who does make a mistake run away immediately. Maybe if he didn't spend so much time making dumb slideshows he'd be a better supervisor of his mistake-prone staff.

MacKenzie takes her place in the control room as November 6, 2012 flashes on the screen just in case you forgot what day the elections were held last year. After a getting ready montage that includes one of the ACN anchors in Washington (is that you, Terry Smith?!?) and a long shot of the back of Will's neck, the show goes on the air.

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