Election Night, Part 1

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Election Night Special

Oh, I guess it wasn't Terry Smith in Washington, as Will says someone named "Jane Barrow" is reporting from D.C. Lame. Will runs through the election results so far. Romney is projected to win Kentucky and Indiana, and Taylor does a fist pump under her desk even though she already knew about this and even though Romney fired her like two weeks ago.

Charlie heads into Reese's party. Reese is talking to some people about a porn stars wearing condoms or something. He introduces Charlie to some of his former classmates even though they all look like a decade apart from each other in age so it's kind of hard to see how they all went to school at the same time. Charlie pulls Reese aside and informs him that Dantana's lawsuit is going to be filed tomorrow, which we and Reese already knew. Charlie says it'll be a "public shaming." Reese tells him to go downstairs and do his job. Charlie asks if Reese can help him resign from that job. He says ACN needs to get its credibility back or else and the only way to do it is by letting Charlie and Will resign.

"There are people here. From Jane Barrow, Terry Smith (THE BEST), everyone at the D.C. bureau to Sloan Sabbith, Elliot Hirsch, everyone on dayside. These people don't deserve to have a piano strapped to their back," Charlie says. Notice how he gave Terry Smith a shout-out! That's because he (or she) is awesome. Also, does everyone on dayside really not deserve to have a piano on his back? That morning show guy kind of sucks.

Suddenly MGH is standing behind Charlie. "I'm stealthy," she smirks. Reese tells Charlie that he's preaching to the choir, here. He'd love to get rid of Will and Charlie and thinks what they did was terrible and shouldn't have been 'solved' by firing one guy. Now, he sighs, everyone is going to know about all the non-relationships in the newsroom. That's going to be such a boring lawsuit. Also that Dr. Dr. Sloan punched a guy in the face. That's slightly more interesting.

Reese says he'd accept Will and Charlie's resignations, give Dantana a settlement, and get on with it, but his mommy won't let him. "Reese!" Charlie croaks. Yeah, well. Jane Fonda is Reese's mom and boss. And when he tried to convince her to can Will and Charlie, she just started asking him when he'd settle down and give her some grandchildren and if maybe he was gay. Reese wondered if her "obsession with grandchildren" was because she wanted "a do-over" and this seems like a well-run, functional organization. Reese says there's nothing he can do. The lawsuit will be filed and Charlie will have a job at ACN forever. "Keep trying," Charlie says.

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