Election Night, Part 1

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Election Night Special

An hour into the election night broadcast, Will has some more projections on the presidential election. By the way, guys? Sorry to ruin this for you but Obama wins. I saw this episode in advance. In November. On the sixth. In 2012. You know, when it actually happened. I can't believe this show is now clumsily expositing the 2012 president election.

Jim is back on the newsroom stairs of Skype love, talking to Hallie. She tells him that Romney is upstairs waiting for the results. Jim wants to know what the "mood" is. Hallie says people seem convinced that Romney is going to win this thing. Maggie comes down the stairs from nowhere and informs Jim that she's going to break news all over the place tonight and also takes a second to say hi to Hallie even though I'm pretty sure Maggie hates her. "I really like your hair," Hallie says, oddly not sounding totally sarcastic, which she must have been. Maggie walks away and Hallie tells Jim that Maggie's haircut, which she is seeing for the first time, could be a Big Deal. She tells Jim to ask Maggie about it. Jim's not particularly interested in doing that.

Don whispers sweet nothings into Elliot's earpiece as Elliot tries to get ready for a segment in ACN's election HQ decision desk, which is full of statisticians and experts trying to figure out the polling data but not doing much work on how to appear on camera without looking horrified and then angry, Cathy Ling.

Neal asks, in German, if anyone speaks German. While Maggie and that other woman (it's either Tess or Tamara but they've gotten such woefully little camera time this season that I forgot who was who) wonder what he's talking about, Gary Cooper proudly volunteers that he knows German. "Not as well as you think," Neal says. "Come with me." "Shit," Gary Cooper says.

Back in the statistics lair, Elliot tells the camera that the nerds stay secluded so they won't be influenced by whatever any other network is calling. Except that there's now a giant camera crew standing in the middle of the room so there goes that seclusion. Elliot asks Cathy Ling if she has anything new to report. "Takes a little time," Cathy Ling snaps. Elliot decides to leave the nerds alone and focuses on ACN's crack producing team instead. Unfortunately, Maggie is part of that team.

Meanwhile, MacKenzie uses the break in the studio to brief Will and tell Taylor she's been great so far. Yeah, she has. Because she's awesome. Taylor decides to return the suck up by saying she's impressed with the fact that MacKenzie was the president of the Oxford union. MacKenzie says she was the president of the Cambridge union. Taylor says Wikipedia told her it was Oxford. MacKenzie is shocked that Wikipedia would say such a thing. I'm shocked that MacKenzie is in Wikipedia at all. I just looked to see if I finally made Wikipedia's apparently low threshold for inclusion and found my name under the "plus-size model" entry, so. I mean, I've been a little sensitive about my weight recently and this doesn't help at all. Meanwhile, my brother is in there as a notable Skidmore alum for something he didn't even do. Anyway, my point is that Wikipedia is stupid and no one should care what it says unless it falsely accuses him of being, like, a pedophile.

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