Election Night, Part 1

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Election Night Special

Will suggests that MacKenzie "let this one go." MacKenzie storms off, furious that she was accused of attending Oxford. She tells Neal she needs to see him later as he walks in with Gary Cooper. Gary Cooper tells Dr. Dr. Sloan that he signed her book because she forgot to do it. He meant to write "I hope you enjoy this book" but got it wrong and wrote "I hope you shred this book." I don't know why Gary Cooper didn't just sign his own name. It probably would've gone for more than $1,000 with a Gary Cooper autograph. Dr. Dr. Sloan demands the name of the person who bought the book right now. Cool, it's not like the social media blog whatever it is that Neal is supposed to do at ACN doesn't have anything else to do on election night.

Neal heads into the control room to check in with MacKenzie. He says people like Dr. Dr. Sloan are being weirdly controlling over minor things because they feel like they have no control over the real issues in their life, at which point MacKenzie, of course, gets weirdly controlling over her Wikipedia page and orders Neal to fix it. She lists off a few of the awesome people who went to Cambridge, like, whatever. My alma mater has Carter Bays and Joss Whedon and Bill Belichick and a prominent plus-size model, according to Wikipedia.

With MacKenzie done nagging Neal, Maggie starts nagging Don. He hasn't heard back from his "shower buddy" yet. He thinks he'll come through.

As the anchors get ready to come back from a commercial, Will morales them all but they have no idea what he's talking about or why he's being so weird-friendly. On the air, Will asks Taylor if that 47 percent tape had an effect on voters. Taylor says the biggest effect it had was on the media.

Don returns to his office, where Marcia Gay "Liquid Stealth Sex" Harden is waiting for him. "Am I being sued again?" he jokes. "Yeah," MGH says, not joking. Yes, Dantana has filed a separate suit against Don for "tortious interference." He's asking for $20 million. Don needs a minute to take that in. MGH explains that because of Dantana's "wrongful termination" from ACN, he can't get work elsewhere, especially since when he put Don down as a reference for a job at Kickstarter (which … what? Why there? Is this Sorkin being down with the hot new trends?), Don told the guy who called about Dantana that he was a "very hard-working sociopath." Therefore, he intentionally interfered with a business relationship through "dishonest means."

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