Election Night, Part 1

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Election Night Special

Don asks how he was dishonest. MGH says sociopath is a clinical term. "How much training as a psychiatric diagnostician did you get at the Columbia School of Journalism?" MGH asks. Well, I went to that school, too, and the answer is a lot more than you'd expect. Don realizes that he's kind of screwed. "Why in the world would he put me down as a reference?" is a question Don should've asked himself before telling Kickstarter that Dantana was a sociopath. Also, way to tell Dantana that his reference called him a sociopath, Kickstarter HR tattletales. MGH says he did it just to sue Don. If Don loses, he owes $20 million. If he wins, he'll have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in lawyers' fees. Don does not like lawyers.

Taylor rants about "the liberal media bias." Will protests that the liberal media bias doesn't exist. Well … okay. Dr. Dr. Sloan tries to bring up Elliot's interesting election in Kansas she "called" in the makeup room, but gets it all wrong when she forgets which candidate is gay. "What's that an example of?" Will asks. "Elliot?" Dr. Dr. Sloan says. "Nothing!" Elliot says. Hooray! ACN's election night special is officially a shit show!

Jim reports to the nerd room, where Cathy Ling asks him why Will called Michigan's first district when no one in the nerd room called it. Jim makes an "oh shit" face and runs to Maggie to find out who screwed up. It turns out that, by some miracle, it was NOT Maggie who made a mistake but JIM! He wrote down "MI" meaning Mississippi when everyone knows that MI is short for Michigan. Even Wikipedia knows that, and it doesn't know where MacKenzie went to college. Cathy Ling is summoned into newsroom. She has to be blindfolded because of seclusion. Jim explains that they called Michigan instead of Mississippi. "You have to retract it!" Cathy Ling says immediately. "It's not ready to call." Jim is hoping Cathy Ling will tell him that it's really, really likely Michigan's first district will go to the Republicans so he won't have to admit his mistake. Cathy Ling thinks it will. But she doesn't think so enough to make the call. "It's both too close and too early to call," she insists. Cathy Ling rules. There's no way Jim is retracting that call.

He says they'll just take the call down and never mention it on the air again and no one will notice. Maggie says the candidate they called it for already has, surely. "Have Mac have Will retract the call!" she says. At that point, Charlie runs in waving the entrance exam for the NYC Department of Sanitation, which he will give to whoever makes a mistake tonight on that person's way out the door. Maggie and Jim decide not to retract the call. Yeah, keep judging those NYC Department of Sanitation jobs, you silly journalists who will be out of work in ten years because of reddit.

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