Election Night Part 2

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As we open the conclusion to this suspenseful two-parter, Don talks to those Petraeus sources to try to nail the story down while Maggie, Charlie and MacKenzie listen in. He says the story is as confirmed as anything will ever be, which is kind of what they thought about Genoa, but whatever, and they have two on the record and two off the record sources.

Jim and his bad bad hair are called into the office. "I can explain," he says, assuming it's about his Michigan/Mississippi mistake. "Nope!" Maggie and her bad bad bad hair say immediately. Jim realizes that this meeting is not about him and shuts up.

MacKenzie and Charlie exposit what we just saw last week about Brody and his rape quote. Maggie reads the quote in order to kill three minutes. Jim is clearly annoyed that she found the story and he didn't, so good job with that, Taylor! Jim is asked to weigh in on which story they go with: Brody now and Petraeus when the official announcement that he's resigning comes in, or Petraeus now and Brody the next day, after the election. Everyone says Brody except Don, who doesn't understand how these people are his co-workers or at all involved in the news business.

MacKenzie explains that it's 6 p.m. in Brody's constituency and polls are open, so there are some voters left to inform, which is the only purpose of the news ever. Don says if they break the Petraeus story then it'll really help their credibility. Yes, except no one is going to believe them about the story anyway. For that matter, I don't think anyone will believe them about the Brody thing. Since the Petraeus story doesn't include anything voters need to know before they make their decisions, they decide not to go with it. Meanwhile, if this Brody was THAT important that it's worth passing on a huge story to tell it, why did they just wait over an hour to report it in the first place? How many people voted for Brody without being fully informed in that time?

Charlie says they'll report Petraeus's resignation when it actually happens. That's great because it's not like the director of the CIA resigning or the events that lead up to it isn't a huge national story or anything like that. Don signs off on it and Charlie just stands around looking pretty pleased with himself.

Will continues being an anchor. There is a problem in Wisconsin! They ran out of ballots. But don't worry, guys. I have a good tip that Obama will win the presidential election. Don't ask me how I know.

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