Election Night Part 2

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Everybody Wins!

Dr. Dr. Sloan decides to speak up, only for Will to interrupt and go to Jane Barrow. "Come on!" Dr. Dr. Sloan cries. It's too bad no one is watching ACN with moments like that. Also, moments like that are where this show is the most fun and watchable. I hope there will be more.

Will finds Charlie sitting in his office, staring at the wall. Even we've only got five minutes left in this thing, he wastes more of them with a long-winded speech before getting to his point: it was awesome that they put aside the Petraeus story because getting information to Brody's voters that he wrote something really weird and awful about women and rape in 1990 was more important to society and democracy. Clearly, Charlie says, what they've done here is special and necessary, so he will not resign after all. Nor shall Will. Charlie has realized that this is all Dantana's fault and not an "institutional failure" (which it was) and that they actually showed remarkable restraint waiting 11 months to report that story that the United States was guilty of war crimes. Yes. Probably would've been better if they've waited a billion months to report that story, though.

Will agrees that they did everything right except for what they did wrong, but he's not willing to let MacKenzie take the fall for them even though this is her fault. While Charlie pontificates, Will stares into space and has A Realization. "Except for the things she did wrong, she did everything right, too. The rest was me." Charlie doesn't get it. Will grabs the engagement ring out of his desk drawer because, you know, Chekhov, and runs out of the room. Charlie reconsiders his decision not to resign.

Will frantically runs around ACN looking for MacKenzie. He finds her at the anchor desk and pulls her aside to tell her a long story about a kid who loved to shred paper. God, this is the worst proposal ever. How does Sorkin make a proposal boring? Oh, right – long-winded speeches and also we have no attachment to the couple getting engaged because they haven't so much as kissed in six years or ever that we've seen and finally this is coming out of nowhere. Who proposes marriage without even being in a relationship with someone?! Even those Duggars who never even kiss before marriage are allowed to exchange side-hugs. I have a feeling that Sorkin wrote this when he was afraid The Newsroom wouldn't be coming back next season.

So Will finishes the story by saying he's realized that it's better to be happy by doing the thing that stops making you sad, so here is a giant ring and let's get married! "What in the fuck is happening right now?" MacKenzie says. What the fuck indeed. Will mansplains why she should say yes, and she does. Following this, their bodies mash together very awkwardly. That kiss should've been rehearsed a bit more, I think. Or maybe Will is trying to kiss her without activating her Avian Bone Syndrome (tm 30 Rock NEVER FORGET).

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