Election Night Part 2

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Everybody Wins!

Reese, Reese's Rockette Girlfriend, Jane Fonda and Marcia Gay Harden wander into the newsroom for Reese's Decision. But first, Jane Fonda insults Rockette's choice of careers. Charlie walks in and Reese tells him that, after careful consideration and much walking, he's decided that ACN didn't do anything wrong on Genoa and he's not going to let anyone resign over it. Charlie says that doesn't matter since no one wants to resign anymore. Reese says he already took the high road here and did the right thing. Charlie says he did not, since the right thing was already done, by Charlie. "History should reflect that I acted admirably!" Reese says. Charlie says that's impossible to ever know for sure. "You're all idiots," Jane Fonda says.

Speaking of idiots, Will and MacKenzie walk in to inform the room that they're engaged. And also dating now, I guess. She's "the future Mrs. MacKenzie Morgan McHale McAvoy – no, that's not going to work … " Will says. Everyone smiles and cheers.

And we've really got to wrap this thing up, so – music montage!! I guess they ran out of the music budget for the season so we've got a terrible cover of Pete Townsend's "Let My Love Open the Door."

Good news! The Republican in Michigan won the election. By 27 votes, so I'm sure there won't be a recount or anything.

Dr. Dr. Sloan chats with Taylor instead of, oh I don't know, Don.

Lisa and Maggie finally talk. I guess they're friends again?

We get a look at Hallie's website and I can't believe she has an investor. It is so shitty. "The Blog," really? And did she actually pay someone to design that site? Was that person from 1997? And what are these categories? Home, Politics, National, World, Video (um, sure) and Books? So she just randomly reviews books, too? When? She's been stuck on the Romney bus this entire time! Why would anyone read this crappy site? And how? The words are so small. Anyway, Hallie wrote an article for her terrible site about debates and used a quote from MacKenzie, Cambridge union president. Yeah, I'm sure Wikipedia will see this site as a reliable source of information. It looks like a homework assignment from my interactive design class, not a professional news outlet. Hallie says she wrote the entry herself rather than using Neal's copy (good idea – those ACN people cannot be trusted! Remember Genoa?) as a thank you gift to Jim for giving her the interview with Romney.

Will and Taylor exchange fist bumps. I hope that embarrassing display wasn't on the air. Dr. Dr. Sloan and Don stare at each other.

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