Election Night Part 2

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Everybody Wins!

MacKenzie tells Jane Barrow from ACN's awesome Washington D.C. bureau to start her report with the Colorado numbers. Jane refuses! She wants to open on Florida. Good for you, Jane Barrow. Stand up for yourself. New York sucks. Look what it did to Dantana.

The New York team gets a few minutes off, so Taylor asks Will how he's holding up. Will says lots of people want him to be fired. Like thousands of them. And no one trusts him. He's also afraid this could kill Charlie. Taylor is kind of sympathetic for a few seconds, then asks if she can hire Jim for her new media consulting firm. Taylor says she knows Jim hates her but she doesn't care, since he's good at his job and no one likes her anyway. Yeah, Jim hates her so much he got her this job at ACN, right? Or did she just stumble into it coincidentally? Also, hiring people who hate you isn't necessarily the best way to ensure employee loyalty.

Will's confused. He says Jim isn't leaving ACN anytime soon. Taylor says she heard the entire senior staff is resigning over Genoa. And she heard it from the senior staff, so, pretty good sources there. Will storms into the control room and demands a meeting with the senior staff right away.

Jim heads for the staircase of love-Skyping to talk to Hallie about the mood in the Romney room now that he thinks Romney's defeat is all but certain. Hallie says the Romney camp thinks everything is going awesomely. Also, people are getting sick of seeing her Skyping with the evil ACN, and the bloggers don't appreciate that she's helping "old media." Maggie suddenly runs into the frame to tell Jim about the senior staff meeting. Rude, but I guess that'll happen when you have private conversations at work on a stairwell in the middle of the office without even using headphones.

After Jim gets done extolling the virtues of old media to Hallie, he admits that he called the wrong race and doesn't want to retract it. Hallie is more concerned with Maggie and her haircut. "I think she cut her own hair," she says. Hallie, your boyfriend hasn't brushed or washed his hair in like a year. How do you not see this? "Cutting off your own hair. That's alarming," Hallie says. Or an affordable way to keep those bangs out of your eyes! Jim might want to try it!

While the senior staff, which somehow includes Maggie and Neal, wait for Jim, Dr. Dr. Sloan decides to wrap up her book storyline by announcing what happened and that she needs help tracking down its buyer. Or rather, Neal needs help since he's the one doing all the work. MacKenzie finds a way to sidetrack that conversation into something even less important – her Wikipedia page, and how it says she went to Oxford instead of Cambridge. MacKenzie pretends that she doesn't care about that anymore, except that she does.

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