Election Night Part 2

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Everybody Wins!

Jim finally arrives, just in time for MacKenzie to leave to do real work. Will informs them that there will be no senior staff resignations from ACN and exposits about the status of his resignation. Once Jane Fonda lets him resign, he says, they'll all be able to continue their great news experiment without Genoa hanging over them. Elliot will be the new Will, Don will be the new MacKenzie, Dr. Dr. Sloan will be the new Elliot, and Jim will be the new Don, which is apparently news to Jim. Also, where does Terry Smith get to go? Or are they giving him or her the shaft again?

That's not good enough for Don, who says they will all resign if Will, Charlie, and MacKenzie do because apparently none of them have children or mortgages or student loans, so it's just that easy to stand up for your principles. Will says he won't get all choked up by their show of great newsmanship and sends them away. He sits down behind the desk with Dr. Dr. Sloan, who says she thinks the staff was insulted that Will didn't think they'd resign in solidarity. She says she certainly was. Well, I've been insulted by nearly every minute of this show, so I guess now Dr. Dr. Sloan knows how that feels.

Charlie heads up to Reese's party. Jane Fonda has arrived and is chatting with Marcia Gay Harden about a woman who ran over her husband because he didn't vote for Romney. "She's pregnant," MGH says. Ah yes, of course. Pregnant women are always having rage fits and attacking people. I mean, women who aren't pregnant physically assault people on this show all the time, so you can imagine!

Charlie tells MGH to go away so he can talk to Jane Fonda. Jane Fonda informs him first that she was high last night, got a good night's sleep, and then got high again. You guys, I'm concerned about Jane Fonda's drug problem. "I want to get the Allman Brothers back together," Jane Fonda says. This is going to make it difficult for Charlie to have a serious conversation with her.

He tries anyway, reminding her and all of us that people don't like him and want him to resign and he should, for the greater good of ACN and the good people who work there. Charlie says if they don't, then everyone will read the lawsuit and ACN will "look silly." Joke's on you, Charlie! ACN already looks silly. All the time. "I don't feel silly. Do you want to split a pizza?" Jane Fonda asks. Charlie does not. He says Reese is on board with letting Will, MacKenzie and Charlie resign. This leads into a conversation about how Charlie disrespects Reese, which Jane Fonda thinks he shouldn't and Charlie thinks he has every reason to. And he does, since Reese only has this job because of nepotism and also remember when he had the Evil Gossip People tap ACN staff phones? Jane Fonda says she actually told Reese he could make the decision on whether or not to allow them to resign. When he found out about that, he had to take a walk. I don't know why Charlie wouldn't respect that. "I want to see how Reese handles this," she says. Charlie has an idea.

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