Election Night Part 2

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Everybody Wins!

He walks out of the party, only to smash right into a caterer holding a tray full of champagne glasses. It's LISA!!! Yes! Roommate Lisa is back! And really hoping Charlie doesn't recognize her, which he does. Which is kind of insane since it's been, what, two years since she was on Will's show for a few minutes? She asks Charlie not to tell anyone she's working up there. Especially not Jim.

Will calls Pennsylvania for Obama. The Intern hands a Will a note from Charlie telling him that Reese will decide their fates.

That Michigan race is nowhere near decided after all. Jim asks Cathy Ling to come out into the newsroom, even though she's not allowed to be out there. His fuck-up is ruining everything for Cathy Ling! Cathy Ling insists that the Republican candidate will win Michigan. But not by much. Maggie asks Cathy Ling for the abbreviations for Michigan and Mississippi. Cathy Ling knows them better than Jim does, and says she's "100 percent confident" about it. I enjoy watching Maggie and Cathy Ling gang up on Jim.

Uh oh! The Michigan first district Republican candidate's people are calling! Jim has to talk to them. "Congratulations!" he greets the campaign manager. She says she couldn't help but notice that no one but ACN has called the election yet. She asks if she should prep the victory speech or not. "I would!" Jim says, stupidly. Even Maggie is like "what are you doing right now?" The campaign manager says she's not going to rely on ACN after that whole Genoa thing. Which is a good idea. Jim hangs up on her and says he's offended now. Yes, he's offended that someone won't take his terrible news channel's word for it when that channel has a very recent history of getting a big story horribly wrong and also it's about a call said channel made by accident anyway.

Meanwhile, there's a crisis on Twitter! Neal has discovered that someone snuck a phone into Jane Fonda's party and is leaking photos from it on Twitter. Like this one of Charlie on the floor surrounded by broken champagne glasses. Also, Lisa. Jim is surprised to see her there. Maggie says Lisa didn't want Jim to know she was there, but she's apparently been working extra shifts as a caterer for extra cash. "Why didn't she want me to know she was here?" Jim asks cluelessly. Neal leaves, telling Jim that it's somehow now his job to monitor Jane Fonda's party guests.

ACN goes to a commercial, and Will and MacKenzie decide to "take care of things," a.k.a. Elliot takes over the main anchor chair from Will and Don takes over for MacKenzie. Both Elliot and Don refuse, but they have no choice, since MacKenzie and Will take off. "We just want to show Reese and Leona how good you guys are at this," MacKenzie says. Yeah, they can pretend they're doing this for the greater good all they want, but I bet they're just trying to get an extra 10 minute break. Will and MacKenzie watch the broadcast from the make-up room. Actually, only Will is watching. MacKenzie is doing girly stuff like looking at her hair in the mirror.

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