Election Night Part 2

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MacKenzie apologizes to Will for thinking he wasn't firing her because he didn't want to look bad. Also she would like to talk about their relationship again because she can't drop the fact that Will can't drop the fact that she cheated on him. She's now decided that it's totally fine that she did that because she only did it because her last boyfriend dumped her and she was trying to make him want her again. I can't do this conversation again, guys. Married people don't talk about their relationship as much as these two do.

MacKenzie says she never would have told Will about her cheating if she knew it would break them up. He thinks she only said it because she wanted to break up with him. "Fuck you," MacKenzie says, calling Will a "massive bag of douche."

And then she brings up the ring Will bought her and how he was apparently set to propose to her when he found out she was cheating on him, if not for no other reason than to give us all a giant heads up that said ring will be making its triumphant return to our television screens soon. Wasn't it Chekhov who wrote that if an engagement ring from the first season is mentioned 25 minutes into the season 2 finale, then someone must be proposed to with said ring like 20 minutes later, no matter how random and seemingly out of nowhere the proposal is?

Anyway, Will finally reveals that he never actually bought MacKenzie that ring – he had someone else buy it so he could use it against her when she found out he had considered an offer in Los Angeles to show that he was serious about her and make her feel bad. "I am really sorry," he says.

As I'm sure you can guess, MacKenzie reacts to this news calmly and reasonably. No she doesn't! She says she has to step way from Will before she physically attacks him and leaves a mark the viewers at home might see. "This is stupid," Will says. And it is. MacKenzie says that she hurt Will unintentionally. Will hurt her on purpose. I don't know how cheating on someone is unintentional. Maybe if you're running around naked and you trip and fall onto a man's erect penis? Otherwise I don't see it. Now I guess it's Will's turn to feel bad.

Update on the Dr. Dr. Sloan book signature forgery mystery! Neal found out it was purchased by an anonymous person using the name of Tony Curtis's character in Sweet Smell of Success. In fact, all the bids came from people named after movie characters. Dr. Dr. Sloan orders Neal to look for anagrams.

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