Election Night Part 2

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Everybody Wins!

Don informs MGH that he is countersuing Dantana for intentional infliction of emotional distress. Don insists that what Dantana did fits all criteria for the lawsuit, and then goes off on a SorkinSpeech about how lawsuits are ridiculous and ruining America. I guess Sorkin got sued recently. MGH interrupts to inform him that Reese will decide whether or not to accept Will and Charlie's resignations. Don says all he wants is "to keep doing the news." Please stop saying "doing the news," Don.

Roommate Lisa takes a few drink orders from obnoxious people. Jim shows up. Lisa clearly doesn't want anything to do with him. She says she wishes she could "kick" Jim's "ass" but since everyone else is already piling on Jim and the rest of ACN, she just feels bad for him. Jim apologizes for being generally awful to Lisa. Wow, ACN really ruined Lisa's life a little bit, huh? And now her boss is telling her to stop fighting with the party guests so she'll probably get fired and that is also ACN's fault!

Jim tries to save Lisa by telling her boss that one of his servers is tweeting photos from the party and violating the confidentiality agreement so he might want to take care of that. Great, so now one of the other servers will get fired, too! With the boss gone, Jim tells Lisa that when he swore he wanted her and not Maggie, he meant it. She says she believes him, and that it's clear that he only rejected her after he got to know her. With that, she gives a guy the wrong drink order as she tells Jim that when he rejected her, her "worst fear was realized." And what was her worst fear? That some guy would think she was stupid. "I'm smart enough to know that I'm not smart enough," she says.

Jim insists that that's not true. Lisa says that Jim's current girlfriend is hanging out with a presidential candidate and she's serving drinks, so. "You're working two jobs! You're thoughtful and you're authentic," Jim says, because what girl doesn't want to be called "authentic," am I right? "There is, believe me, no one that you're not good enough for and there's hardly anyone who's good enough for you – including, it turned out, me," Jim says. Lisa sighs that she's about to turn 30. OH GOD NO. OLD MAID! DISGUSTING!

With that, Jim asks if Maggie cut her own hair. Good segue. Lisa informs him that she doesn't speak to Maggie. Huh? Then how did Maggie know that Lisa was catering now and working the ACN party and didn't want Jim to know? Sign language? "Maggie's in bad shape," Jim says. Lisa claims she doesn't care. She also has no idea why. Maggie didn't tell her about Africa. Lisa claims, again, that she doesn't care. But she does. Jim says she'll have to ask her herself. And that she should. Lisa says she did notice hair on the bathroom floor the night Maggie cut her hair, so, yes, she must have cut it herself.

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