Election Night Part 2

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Everybody Wins!

MacKenzie tells Jane Barrow that if any important returns come in while she's on the air to send it back to the New York desk. Jane Barrow doesn't like that. "Send it back," MacKenzie says. "We'll try not to drop sarin gas on anyone while we do it," Jane Barrow says. TEN POINTS FOR JANE BARROW!! The entire control room goes "whaaaaaa?" and "no you di'int!" MacKenzie tells Jane to address her complaints to MacKenzie and not the rest of the control room, which did nothing wrong.

"I have people here who could live without Genoa on their résumé, so I'm not sure from where you get the nerve to insist that Will call the race," Jane says. I just realized that Jane is played by the woman from Eureka, that show I recapped on the Sci-Fi/SyFy channel! Good to see her getting work in this amazing role. I am not being sarcastic, by the way. Season 3 of this show needs to follow the awesome DC bureau and not these NY assholes. I want to know more about Terry Smith. Is Terry male? Female? What is his or her relationship with Jane Barrow? How is the DC team dealing with what happened to Dantana, which was clearly the fault of the evil New York team? They're probably pretty demoralized.

MacKenzie attempts to tell Jane off by reminding her that Dantana was a DC producer and the one who "committed journalistic malpractice," so maybe Jane should get someone to go through every story he ever produced for them to make sure he didn't cook any more footage. "Let me know if you have any recommendations for your job when I take Will's chair in New York," Jane says. Um, why would Jane get that chair? It clearly should go to Terry Smith. Hey, what if … Jane Barrow and Terry Smith are the same person??? Intrigue! The storyline possibilities are endless in DC, I'm telling you. Charlie ruins everything by showing up and telling Jane to go back to New York so Will can call the election. "Copy that," Jane says.

Dr. Dr. Sloan is trying to make an important point when Will interrupts her to call the Senate race in Ohio and Missouri, which means the Democrats will have control of the Senate. Will asks Taylor if they can thank the Tea Party for that, but Taylor says more credit can go to Chris Christie and the media. That means it's time for Will to pretend the media doesn't have a liberal bias (which they kinda do. Or at least, the people who make bad TV shows about the media do). Taylor says News Night ran 14 negative stories about Republicans for every one it ran about Democrats. Will says that's because Republicans are stupid and crazy. No liberal bias here! Dr. Dr. Sloan cuts in with another statistic viewers might find interesting. Nope! Will has to cut to Claire McCaskill victory party.

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