Election Night Part 2

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Everybody Wins!

Neal asks Jim for a favor from Hallie. He wrote a story about the effect the debates had on the presidential race and quoted MacKenzie in it, while mentioning that she was the president of the Cambridge union. He needs Hallie to put her byline on it and post it on her blog so Wikipedia will change MacKenzie's stupid entry already. Jim thinks Hallie is too ethical to slap her byline on a story she didn't write for the sole purpose of someone's freaking Wikipedia page, but he'll try.

Will takes a second to make fun of OWS again. Also, he says Michele Bachmann is crazy. I hope she sues him for that. Asshole. I mean, maybe she is crazy, but that's not really for Will to decide or say.

MacKenzie tells Don that Reese is still wandering around NYC trying to decide what to do. Also, his girlfriend is a Rockette. Don asks MacKenzie if there's anything that will convince her that Genoa wasn't her fault. Probably not, since it was.

Dr. Dr. Sloan tries to make an important point, but Will cuts her off to go to Jane Barrow.

Skype stairs time! Hallie wants to know why Jim just sent her an article with her byline on it that she didn't write. And she couldn't email or call? This is ridiculous. Jim exposits why they need Hallie to do this. "What's the mood there?" he asks. "What's the mood there?" Hallie asks. She has to go, but Jim wants to ask her a question first. "Do I ever make you feel like you're dumb?" he asks, "I really like you and I don't want to blow it." "You're not smart enough to make me feel like I'm dumb," Hallie says. Jim "jokes" that she's ugly. What a great relationship. That's not hurtful at all. I can't imagine why Lisa thought Jim made her feel inferior when he says stuff like that.

In Don's office, Dr. Dr. Sloan tells Don about voting statistics and which income group is more likely to vote for which candidate. The Intern interrupts her to say they're about to call Ohio, so they have to get back into the studio. Don runs out, but Dr. Dr. Sloan stays behind. She notices that Don has a poster from Sweet Smell of Success. Which means that, to the surprise of just about no one, Don is the guy who bought her book.

Dr. Dr. Sloan walks into the control room, whips out a book, signs it, and makes out with Don. Then she gives him the book. So now he gets two books for the price of one! Also Dr. Dr. Sloan! Good deal. "What I have can't be taught," Don says once he's regained the power of speech.

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