Election Night Part 2

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Everybody Wins!

And Jane Barrow is forced to throw to Will and the New York team so they can announce Obama's re-election. SHOCKING. I'm so glad they didn't leave this cliffhanger until next season.

Meanwhile, that guy in Michigan is now losing, Maggie informs Jim. Instead of going off to retract the stupid call, he asks Maggie why she cut her hair. "I wanted a change," Maggie says, claiming that it's the work of a stylist. But Jim knows better! Although he doesn't understand why Maggie never told Lisa about her trip to Uganda. Maggie doesn't intend to. She tells Jim that dead kid liked her hair, so she cut it off like a year after he died.

Maggie needs to hear from a big strong man, so Jim tells her that Daniel would've died even harder if Maggie and Gary Cooper hadn't tried to save him. "What was your crime?" Jim asks, because we have to wrap this storyline up in the next two minutes. Maggie says she only wants to be tough, but she isn't actually. Not like MacKenzie and Jim and Don. Yes. MacKenzie is so tough. Like the time that she lost her shit and physically attacked someone, which is every episode. Jim says Maggie is tough. Hangin' tough, even.

This leads Maggie to reminisce about when she first met Jim in the first episode. Let's flashback! It's not enough to exposit stuff that happened not too long ago in the series – now we're going to talk about it at length AND show it! Also, wow, Jim's hair was much better back then. Anyway, Maggie says she first noticed Jim when he clicked on that news alert. Whatever, Daniel is still dead and Maggie isn't. Good moment, guys.

Taylor asks Will who he voted for. He refuses to answer but admits that he is a Republican. Taylor reminds us that he called the Tea Party "the American Taliban." She asks him if he only calls himself a Republican so that he can criticize real Republicans. They realize that anyone who was watching ACN before this has certainly clicked away, right? No one cares! The president just got re-elected and these people are talking about themselves!

To the zero people watching, Will tells us all again why he doesn't like Republicans now-a-days. They all hate gays and science and facts and poor people. Okay, no. I mean, far be it from me to sit here and defend Republicans, but they aren't all like that. Saying that they are makes you sound just as stupid as you think every single Republican in the country is, Sorkin. Also, Will doesn't like that he's supposed to hate Democrats now and thinks that the Republicans' worst crime. Democrats all totally love and respect Republicans and never do things like write an entire series about how stupid they all are as a whole, so this is a fair criticism.

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