First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All The Lawyers

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Welcome back to Season 2 of The Newsroom! It's been nearly a year and I still can't figure out what HBO sees in this show. Maybe it'll be better now? I'm hopeful, but I wouldn't bet on it.

Ooooh, look at these opening credits now! I think they are trying to be less self-important than last season's, but they are not. But I am pleased to see the meeting pastries get a cameo. Also, some idiot spilled his coffee on his desk in excitement. It was probably MacKenzie.

We open on Will being his AWESOME sassy self and calling out Marcia Gay Harden's assistant for typing "Geneva" in his computer instead of "Genoa." When Marcia Gay Harden is impressed, Will tells a "joke." Marcia Gay Harden doesn't like jokes. Or rather, she doesn't like "jokes." Will's joke, I must remind you, was not funny. Maybe next season Sorkin gets some comedy consultants to go with along with those journalism consultants. And maybe also a Marcia Gay Harden consultant to show us the best use of Marcia Gay Harden because this is not it.

Anyway, Marcia Gay Harden tries to tell us what's going on but all I can hear is "nerve gas" and "war crime" as she and Will talk over each other. Marcia Gay Harden might be a high-powered lawyer who pays attention to detail, but she gets so flustered by Will's hilarious retorts that she calls it "Geneva" and then lets out a, "Fuck me!" To which Will asks her male assistants, "Well? Would one of you fuck Ms. Halliday, please?" "That was a little funny," Ms. Halliday admits. But it wasn't.

They get down to business, and Will says tells the lawyers that ACN ran "the story" and then retracted it. But not because the DoD told them to! Because, I'm guessing, they were wrong. All will be revealed. Next week.

Maggie suddenly enters with a head of short red hair to update Will on Romney's latest movements (REMEMBER, GUYS: This takes place IN THE PAST so Romney still hasn't gotten the Republican presidential nomination or lost it all or gone on that log flume ride at Disney yet. I think. Wait, no, this takes place in the FUTURE of THE PAST which is still the past but not as much. So Romney is the nominee but the log flume is still yet to be. Got it). She leaves, and Marcia Gay Harden wonders what happened to Maggie's hair. Right? Will's answer: "Women try things." And then, "She went to Uganda" and "it got real very fast," and she hasn't been the same since. I can't tell if he's "joking" or not, but this seems like something Maggie would do, except replace "Uganda" with "outside."

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