First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All The Lawyers

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Shelly introduces herself as a Ph.D. candidate who teaches at NYU and was arrested for protesting once as a "minor." Neal actually needs her to clear up if she means "minor" or "miner." Despite this, Shelly lets him interview her about OWS and its demands: "The arrest of prosecution of the people responsible for the crash, the formation of a presidential commission to investigate... " I fell asleep but it's a lot of things that aren't necessarily related to one another.

Neal is dubious that they'll get everything accomplished. Or anything. Neal wonders if OWS's "horizontal structure" and lack of leaders could give power to people who shouldn't actually be leaders, a.k.a. those two guys from before. Neal points out that they started out with one goal and now that have several, none realistic.

"Are you doing a story or giving advice?" Shelly asks. "I haven't been assigned a story, so I'm giving advice," Neal says. Oh really? Because that's totally not the way you're supposed to "get in on the ground floor" with stories. Giving advice means you're creating and participating in the story. You're supposed to be observing it.

"You don't have the patience for complicated things," Shelly says of mainstream media. "I do," Neal says. Shelly asks why news channels are covering the Casey Anthony trial while the world crumbles under their feet. "We were the last ones to do that," Neal says. Yeah, by asking your newsroom if anyone knew anyone who knew Casey Anthony and then twisting Maggie's roommate's arm into appearing on your crappy show. Oh, yes: I remember.

Shelly rants about how no one covered all the horrible things banks did to cause the financial crisis but everyone covers girls going wild. You know who doesn't? Joe Francis, the guy who created Girls Gone Wild. Because he's in jail. Or about to be. Or he just got out? Or all three. "I just don't trust you to get a fucking story anywhere close to right," Shelly says. She's right. I don't trust NewsNight or Newsroom, either. Neal insists that he wants OWS to succeed. "Then you're on the wrong side of the camera," Shelly says. Pretty much. Neal gives her his card and tells her to have "one clear message" or OWS will be "a joke." Shelly storms off. I'm sure this storyline will really pay off and not be ridiculous at all.

Maggie sleeps. Don packs. And then knocks over a lamp, waking Maggie up. Her keen journalistic eye notices that Don is fully clothed and is putting all of his stuff in suitcases. She asks what's going on. Don says he's on his way to a hotel for the night. "I don't want you to get upset," he says, but he's made arrangements for Maggie to move back into her old apartment with Lisa (yay!) because they are BREAKING UP. Again.

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